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RT @HilariousEdited: this is americans after taking 5 years of spanish
RT @JoshBavas: There are about 35,000 residents in Whitsunday Region. At least 5,000 have left, that's not including tourists. #CycloneDebbie
RT @_bailey_mfb_: Why am I still not asleep
Judging by the lump inside Paige's shirt, I think we've narrowed down the potential fathers to 1:
RT @tennewsqld: Tropical cyclone Debbie is expected to be upgraded to a category 4 storm before making landfall at Bowen with winds…
RT @girlposts: i almost forgot about this song but this movie gave me life.
@NerdCactus why did nobody tell me about myth madness!? #TheWildHunt is all about mythology. 🤔😓
RT @SallyRa95: Sasha interrupted her: "paige always gets in the way *shaking her head* 💀
Please let Jack fuck off to QLD with Paige and this whole miserable mess of a storyline be over #neighbours
RT @ReaIGoaIs: what guys see when they look at me
I'm always so tired, but then I try to sleep and my body's like lol nope
"i want my child to be treated as a person, not a mistake!" -- paige smith #neighbours
#neighbours Paige is using emotional blackmail.
RT @TylerMarie_D: I like a man that can hold a conversation and also enjoy the intimacy of silence without it being awkward
RT @DrashiaMarche: when your boyfriend that don't know he your boyfriend takes more than 5 minutes to text back
RT @MATCHA_global: Experience Spring Festivals and Events in Japan from March to May #spring #sakura #festivals
RT @Crystal1Johnson: Do you remember this story? Because you should never forget it. Look at our society. Such a shame.
RT @memeprovider: Someone: Chocolate Me: WHAT ARE THEY SELLING
RT @Alexey__Kovalev: Наконец-то, после суток молчания, в ВГТРК со Старой площади подвезли свежие методички.