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Never found a song that fits babe and I so perfectly ❤️
@rollins_paige IM NOT WELCOME BACK😍
@aaroncarter since it's 8:30pm here in oz. I'm wide awake
How low can someone make you feel?!
Yeah, I got issues & one of them is how bad I need you😌
Bask in the glory of all our problems cause we got the kind of love it takes to solve 'em. ✊🏼
Cause I got issues, but you got 'em too. So give 'em all to me & I'll give mine to you. 🖤
Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. - Satchel Paige
@1bowman5 not comparing. Like I said a lot of country's have hate crimes against the gay community.
Cum Flies When Prick Pleasing Paige Is On The Scene
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RT @Bradleysfight: We have seen a lot of trolling about Bradley, it's a shame we have to read it as it's not like we have enough going on 😢#hurtful
#onair #nowPlaying LOVE is LOVE The Paige Official remix by @ariana_castelli on Fm1Fm - Get Our App: Fm1Fm
@ChrisPalmerNBA really a lose-lose situation. No one had fun with that award.
Allison is Paige from The American when she grew up. #Homeland
My Spotify has managed to log me out and my next door neighbour in overnight??
RT @OliviaDBuck: Brits Pre party last night ⭐️🍾 blonde locks, minimal make up and gorgeous shirt from @Little_Mistress 🌸
@Paige_victory @jennajameson but only muslim countries have state organised gay killing.