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RT @tarap_queen: An agency wouldn't submit this baby's photos to Oshkosh because he has down syndrome and if that doesn't break your…
I spend my days off cracking up watching video clips and laughing to myself, sometimes you've just got to embrace your own company! 😂
Happy Birthday Paige 😍💕✨ ilysm 🎂🍰🎉🎊🎈 @pshaw1025
@YesIm_PAIGE wow... you cannot be that scary.😭
RT @TweetLikeAGirI: Put out a really scary pumpkin for Halloween!! 👻🎃
Sometimes I really wonder why things like this happen to me all the time but then I have to hope it's all gods plan to Make me stronger
RT @megalot_: When ur human says "who's a good boy" and u already know it's u
me to friend: "you look so cute!" friend to me: "you look so....cozy!" 🙃
@paige_bracey THANKS PAIGE!! i couldn't bring myself to retweet this it would cause too much pain ❤️💯
"How about some strong coffee to go with it?" Paige suggested. "Might wake you up." @PrisHalliwell
I think I just accepted a marriage proposal online?!
@YesIm_PAIGE 🙄 omg lol, whhyyy... you don't like roller coasters?
RT @zdholden: The scariest Halloween decorations I've ever seen 👻🎃
RT @CoachPayne: Proud dad moment!!! Student of the week honors!!! @DylanPa99882072 @deputy3451 @_CHELS_lachelle @paige_payne5
Paige arched an eyebrow at her sisters question. "I love my own space, if that's what you mean." @MagicalArmor
everything will be alright, so baby get some sleep tonight
Fuck a good morning text, I'm looking for morning sex