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RT @LizaGoitein: If you're wondering why this is a big deal (and it is BIG), I wrote in @just_security last year about why prosecuti…
RT @kaycassoo: Meet Kai 🖤 he’s a Harlequin Great Dane. Isn’t he beautiful. 🐾
RT @shuuuuuuk1: “Is someone sitting here” No but my bag is here so fuck off
@conspiracylife Damn I haven’t listened to that in forever! Let me go revisit 🙌🏾
RT @PatrickW: Tariffs are raising healthcare costs.
RT @55mmbae: woke up on my flight to Bangkok to see a sunrise over Alaska, so I made a little video🗻✨
You can’t escape from hearing someone else’s perspective on an... More for Aries
@paige_duffley thats when you break check a mf
Rudder Yearbook staff member, Destiny Mims, caught this shot of KJ signing to play ball for Weber, a D1 school in U…
RT @ILoveBeinBlack: Who remember when Momma Dee tooth fell out 😂😂💀💀😂
Balfour Collegiate's Paige Hamann striving to help with mental health
RT @gwgfwe: The downfall of the Rugrats. I couldn't stand buddy.
RT @AmherstTigers1: Wish these ladies success today and tomorrow as they compete at Ithaca College in the NYS Swim Championships; Grace…
RT @chloloven: @paigebenning *someone says anything* Paige’s brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t…
RT @favellahaley: When he grabs ur face when he kisses you >>>
RT @jarrettstod: biggest regrets in life: - being too damn nice - apologizing when doing nothing wrong - making unworthy people a priority
RT @MakeItRayn_: Teenagers: *Smoke Juuls* Gov: *Contacts e-cigarette companies to tell them to stop endangering kids, forces them t…
RT @QuoteTheMiller: JC Penney opens at 2 PM on Thanksgiving. Can we just stop with this shit now? Close on Thanksgiving and let your e…
@paigeyyy2016 couldn't be any happier, thank you paige! love and miss you 😘