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RT @charliekirk11: How can Biden who has been Senator for 36 years and Vice President for 8 blame a businessman turned successful Pres… https://t.co/gSycFV3oV1
i think the ambulance is trying to get thru...idk 🧐🧐🧐 https://t.co/oi1iagBJF8
Future Titans of Wall Street | Opinion | OZY https://t.co/cgtdW0p7MN #cannabis
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@PurelyAmazin Or you can go with B, choosing B would remove all your debt allowing you to have more "play money" wh… https://t.co/buSdep3NyE
@I_on_Know @Madeinar2 If that's a toxic trait, then label me radioactive! ☠️
@pink_chiba 俺っちは腰に違和感、何か来そうな感じ💧 お大事にして下さいませ~
@sapinker @charliejdk @ozy So we are lifting the death penalty for criminals. And criminalizing women for getting an abortion? Sorry WTF???
@zaizai00511 休みた~い😵
@osman_ozen1 hocam nerelerdesin halin keyfin nasıl
Get Your Data Back Without Paying Ransom - #ransomware #hacking https://t.co/n8Ji4v8mBN via @ozy
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