Tweets about a recent trend: Oxyclean

Why do I look like I'm trying to sell you Oxyclean https://t.co/uiM5stJ1e1
Junior Year of College: My roommate called poison control on me because I burnt my hands with OxyClean & they're blistering.
Update on my makeup stained shirt. It has been scrubbed with oxyclean and washed multiple times. It's still stained. 😩
The final groceries. Why don't you carry oxyclean for babies though??? (@ Kroger in Newnan, GA) https://t.co/yV3xwfH0rg
roses are red grass is green Billy Mays here, with oxyclean
"Mom the sink is dirty, you need Kaboom by Oxyclean" - 4 year old Onyx
oxyclean is actual magic
@AmberLynneGirl BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! order now and get a free case of oxyclean
@HINATTIE no additional scents. and then I usually add oxyclean for big stains too
@StripesSkar Washed with Oxyclean, sometimes twice just to be sure they wouldn't smell later
People were saying she'd used OxyClean. I thought she'd have used essential oils, but Oxy's what many people said. https://t.co/8AhLjWJhWD
@BruzziChris did you tell her about the incredible power of oxyClean?!
Oxyclean Oxiclean Sodium Percarbonate $2 per pound sale https://t.co/FvGRiaLVWq https://t.co/a3diTjrSt8
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@PurexCanada I love, love Purex with OxyClean. Takes out stubborn stains. Just pour on. Let set and toss into wash. Clean!!!πŸ˜€
RT @trillnae: Hardest thing about college is remembering to check shit, bc the actual work is cake. #VSU20
@jesusrock1234 basic πŸ™„ I know low math
RT @TheGalsGuide: @KathleenLights1 OXYCLEAN. All caps bc that was my Billy Mays voice.
RT @TheGalsGuide: @KathleenLights1 OXYCLEAN. All caps bc that was my Billy Mays voice.