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when peter capaldi accidentally steps on your drawing of him so he's literally walking on his own face #goals
@bluegirl1878 @rogerefc considering he's created about 5 of our goals....id say he's a miss. Each to their own tho
Jesus own goal Sociedad .. already conceded more goals than they did against Barcelona 😂 Get that L outta the way
RT @ladyinchief: #Ryan: “It doesn’t matter to me that #Trump tweets false info. He won the election." GOP leaders condone lying if their own goals are met.
He's so good he scores own goals and they count for us https://t.co/YwKIa8yYZM
List 5 people with heaviest #influence on your #success and #health. My guess is each of them have their own #coach guiding their #goals.
Started mixing my own tracks, wait on no man. A jack of many trades makes for a strong ass giant #music #goals
RT @JUST_JEANIUS: One of my life goals is to drive my own car in the Gumball...
Im my own body goals ✊🏾I'll get back 🤗 https://t.co/Jl8nFwWbXY
RT @ThatOneGuyAvery: @Mason_Stokes11 you're damn right. We've got to just keep working toward our own goals until we both make it. Thanks broski 😈👊🏻
RT @E_XOV: Don't work 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You are not tired ' you just uninspired.
Basic hoes that can't set their own goals and have to rely on a man's money. Do boss bitches exist or are they simp… https://t.co/Kc32nZLpr8
RT @yoStax: Don't ever get so focused on what the next man is doing that you lose focus of your own goals and aspirations 🙏🏾
Full Time: Middlesbrough 3-0 Hull. 3 own goals from Ahmed Elmohamady as The Tigers are edged out in a close encounter at the Riverside.
goals: build my own dark room to develop film and to enhance my hidden photography talent.