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@himynameiscalum @gooner145 Ahaha yeh, He’s got that same weird style as Owen Hargreaves
@fouge Canadian-born players at the World Cup going backwards from 2018 to 1982: Yassine Bounou, Jonathan de Guzman… https://t.co/3CScUQ2Awy
@deanemmaedie I no pal but went well last season and didn’t really get any injuries all the talent a bit like Owen Hargreaves
Is it me or is Phil Neville one of the worst commentators going slightly behind Micheal Owen and Owen Hargreaves,
@keithlloydjones Why do Phil Neville and Owen hargreaves sound like there getting a blow job when describing a replay 🤔
@888sport Better than Lawro, Keown, P Nev, Owen, Hargreaves. Did a decent job
Feel like Phil Neville is trying the Owen Hargreaves accent
Why does phill Neville whisper when he’s commentating, only Owen Hargreaves can pull that off
Phil Neville is the new Owen Hargreaves!! Bloody annoying commentary. #URUKSA #WorldCup2018 #bbcsport
Phil Neville’s commentating is so similar to Owen Hargreaves. Both irritating and shit.
@BBCSport @BBCOne @5liveSport Is Phil Neville taking commentary lessons off Owen Hargreaves?? Oh my god he is awful… https://t.co/4fpephOHIw
Why is Phil Neville doing an impression of Owen Hargreaves on co-comms? #URUKSA
Phil Neville doing a Owen Hargreaves here talking with a dramatic tone in his voice, @BBCSport have a word he's doi… https://t.co/jUb0FX8jKQ
@BBCSport #PORMAR Please banish Vicky Sparks to @btsport Where her whiny stuttering commentary will be a perfect… https://t.co/q38R6AuaZB
Take it Morrison has made some sort of Owen Hargreaves type video to get the nod?
@afcbally Maybe so. But that isn’t a female thing is it? For example I don’t like Owen Hargreaves’ tone when he’s i… https://t.co/6ygVxFOpL5
@Du_Navet @Christian_Wain Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves on co-commentary then*, point being I still have to list… https://t.co/d6bq8zwn1R
@KevOC74 Yep Lawro regularly gets a bashing. As does Owen Hargreaves
@Christian_Wain I wouldn’t say the men are far worse it’s sort of an even level of shite be it male or female. Engl… https://t.co/ZkxdOTz9oe
@justfranklin Come on now. Are you telling me that Keown,Owen, Hargreaves and Savage (especially Savage) are better… https://t.co/0v9xhLCbCd
I expect some proper twitter fume today over BBC football commentator vicki sparks.but I'd rather listen to her tha… https://t.co/Gu92CXCH9P
@AidanMUFC_ I was only thinking this! Kinda do a Owen Hargreaves situation, could take him but defo injury prone is… https://t.co/WhOlEkMPV7
This boy is the next Owen Hargreaves making montages cause nobody wants him lol https://t.co/Nm8aEz0KsL
RT @unitedkanamixer: Can’t believe some United fans would actually take Jack Wheelchair. He’s like Owen Hargreaves with added attitude problems
Can’t believe some United fans would actually take Jack Wheelchair. He’s like Owen Hargreaves with added attitude problems