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RT @MrsWardJOHS: I can't stop thinking about my first experience of International Day at Overton. Like WOW 😍🙌🏽 Not just the uppercl… https://t.co/W5WqJ2p3Uv
@ramez It was panic and fear among the elite classes that shifted (and basically fucking broke) the Overton window in the 30s and 40s.
RT @greenfield64: Maybe the Overton window is stuck... https://t.co/T0pZoQB24T
RT @greenfield64: Maybe the Overton window is stuck... https://t.co/T0pZoQB24T
Checking more things off my list this year than I have in years.. it feels good
@officialimicca @patrickharvie But Labour under Corbyn aren't extreme left. Extreme left would be Communist or some… https://t.co/6IZIomAlmj
Full Closure of North- and Southbound Interstate 35E at Overton Road, Feb. 22-23 https://t.co/8uVc3V6cWm https://t.co/ATzBVPNjzg
Maybe the Overton window is stuck... https://t.co/T0pZoQB24T
RT @Coach_wick66: Cant wait to see @RainMan_4 Shine this year. Our 1s & 2s at wr are so deep this year. Prolly the most wr talent eve… https://t.co/CvHizUBDyY
@WokeDon @jonathanchait They’re expanding the Overton window so dramatically and so rapidly that ending private hea… https://t.co/tDBYt1YzTW
RT @astrarchi: i know i’m a dumb bitch but i’m a dumb bitch with a big fat heart full of love and forgiveness okay
RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I pray for a greater release of Your grace, strength, love & total well-being to flow into my li… https://t.co/C9RcPJAPYP
"Keenly observed and compelling...a work of art."- A 5⭐ Amazon review. Young lawyer Sam Overton and older policema… https://t.co/DCKUNL75kn
RT @LilBibby_: I don’t say much but I listen a lot
@NikeSpikesNdJs_ Overton hat game was RUTHLESS! Khadijah HBCU gear was LIT AS FAWK! Maxine made dread heads, chocol… https://t.co/YeqmuwlRno
Liked on YouTube: Stewarts Point, Overton Nevada E4 S1 VLOG W/ Edit https://t.co/Op4Q9V2C3f https://t.co/okLbJSPsAk
@BrianLehrer At least for the primaries, I support anybody who will move the Overton Window leftward. I have no pat… https://t.co/iD67XrDodB
Stressed is an understatement 😭
RT @BenInLDN: Test your LGBT knowledge! 🌈 Here are 6 British LGBT people who have changed the world... But can you name them? 🤔 https://t.co/JLXCGS7wKS
@DavidSharp84 @EvanPlatinum What do you think "Democrats are the Real Racists" is? It's a flakey attempt by Republi… https://t.co/prBd2eXSVx
RT @mtsw: Carbon tax and dividend was like on the far left of the discourse just a year ago but AOC and others shoved the Ove… https://t.co/mRO2iK6WGt
@girlgeek_rva @BFthrift @OldTeacherOtt @HeerJeet @CoreyRobin The GOP has been “gaming the refs” for years. If you’r… https://t.co/1m9dB5y5zS