Overthrow The King

Obama Just Planted A Ticking Time Bomb For Trump That’s Borderline Treasonous (Video) #fashion #shop #boutique #bouhttps://t.co/ci4U0lSgrC
RT @NeeYoComp: This Is The OBAMA’s New Home After The White House! You’ll Never Guess Where It’s Located https://t.co/QvQEA7dQU8
RT @NeeYoComp: This Is The OBAMA’s New Home After The White House! You’ll Never Guess Where It’s Located https://t.co/QvQEA7dQU8
Urge President Obama to Protect our Environment from Trump https://t.co/VWgGgGeXWZ
Let's include Pakistan.. And add terrorist merceneraies funding.. All from Nobel Prize winner @POTUS #Obama https://t.co/8aGlQsbpun
RT @Read_N_Learn: It's official: student loan debt has more than doubled since Obama took office at nearly $1.4 trillion. We must mak… https://t.co/jv6Te1FBSu
RT @mcgilh: DEPLORABLE Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump's Authority, 'Criticize Our President' https://t.co/SGX5DF0XSB
Обама призвал приравнять марихуану к алкоголю и сигаретам https://t.co/V7GcFUr9IO #билеты, #авиабилеты, #билетынасамолет
RT @InStyle: .@FLOTUS makes one stylish Santa in cozy winter look: https://t.co/n6OIAlkUGu
Lewandowski: Trump has already accomplished more than ‘Obama has done in the last 4 years’ https://t.co/2bRyviXnGB via @Yahoo
RT @RichardTBurnett: Obama will go down in history as:
RT @Harlan: While Trump is saving American jobs, Obama is working hard to outsource good paying jobs to India. 44 days to go. https://t.co/c9xbwKdERj
@MrsPJNET @F22Ross @Tombx7 Three of the biggest lying yanks going, Obama and his gang out to start a war with Russia before his end in power
RT @ProtectSaveUSA: Shocking Revelations About Obama’s Past To Be Released Soon => https://t.co/VZ8YYBqX52 @PPSIMMONS @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @Transition2017
RT @FacMagnaAmerica: Obama ends his Presidency the way he started it; denying he's a liberal & calling whites racist for disliking his p… https://t.co/72lMXBJgjR
RT @qkode: 72 Dem lawmakers, RC USA 2 Obama: 'U.S. should “resettle a minimum of 200,000 refugees by z end of 2016, incl. 100,… https://t.co/hMTbN5UXVq
. @ArvindKejriwal Trump claimed Obama's degree fake. French minister's Sex scandal Every1 is following AAP way of politics
RT @Stevenwhirsch99: Obama said we have had no executed terrorist attacks on American soil. I have never seen someone this delusional.… https://t.co/GXS0hYysMW
Ben Shapiro Talks About His 'Criminal Case' Against Barack Obama https://t.co/GnqLsAVREK
@EkoPurnoomoo @abink_27 @Hary_Tanoe @basuki_btp Obama pernah ke istiqlal itu Fakta. HT ceramah didalam masjid juga Fakta.
@beulahcrusoe @pilotgeno @Pudingtane @Richard67101580 And Obama touts he has kept us safe from terrorist attacks.
RT @THEnergyNet: Trump’s selection of chief opponent of Obama's climate agenda shows: @realDonaldTrump is a lapdog of the US oil & g… https://t.co/QJ0HDCRMv1
RT @ddiamond: Weirdest thing: I just watched Obama meet journalists who have criticized him — and he simply shook hands and thanked them for their work.