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RT @BrianMatiash: You know I love me some moody, overcast skies... especially on the OR coast. #SonyAlpha #TravelOregon https://t.co/bbuTgEGxF5
Don’t like the new #overcast. Where the hell did the audio settings stuff go? Not a good design at all
Current Conditions : 53.1F / 11.7C, Overcast - 2:49 PM CST Feb. 24 https://t.co/2x5BPWyN0v
#Rockford #Illinois Feb 24 14:35 Temperature 37°F overcast Wind NE 20 km/h Humidity 85% .. https://t.co/xQRLo3RsmC
Temperature: 24°F | Humidity: 77% | Pressure: 29.84in (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 22mph #iawx
#Chicago #Illinois Feb 24 14:38 Temperature 39°F overcast Wind N 13 km/h Humidity 95% .. https://t.co/vbQwPFYyea
2:50 PM overcast 25 dp 19 hum 80% wind N 13 gust to 26.0 baro 29.95 inches and Steady. Today's hi 30 low 21 rain 0.05.
I hate being outside in any weather condition, except if its 65 w/ an overcast
RT @oraunak: Very good discussion about the future of cars. Interesting possibilities and business model changes @a16z https://t.co/l9dDLRh5mV
Clouds have rolled in & there's a nice overcast now. GOOD. Stupid sun, thinks it can make me feel awake & energized with Vitamin D! 😡
Marco Arment’s Overcast 3 testing in-house ads as new app monetization strategy https://t.co/cBkjEIiYZX
.@Raaphorst Cool! https://t.co/DjcAjYZeA3 Aflevering 1 van Bie’s Warboel - podcast van Wim de Bie in Overcast (iOS) https://t.co/uGJGMm5jOb
#Lviv Feb 24 22:30 Temperature 2C overcast Wind W 36 km/h Humidity 65% Ukraine .. https://t.co/6HvshVbRMu
#Memphis #Tennessee Feb 24 14:28 Temperature 69°F overcast Wind SW 17 km/h Humidity 65% .. https://t.co/DGjqSPjeUt
Temp: 22.8F | Humidity: 31% | Pressure: 29.84in (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 19.9mph #iawx
overcast clouds -> broken clouds humidity down 46% -> 43% wind 9mph -> 13mph
The RobCast: 140 | Davin Youngs Wants to Find Your Voice https://t.co/ta4Oq3KOii
It's an overcast day and I'm bumping this HNDRXX album on the train. Best believe I'm looking out the window real wistfully
2:40 PM overcast 25 dp 19 hum 82% wind N 14 gust to 25.0 baro 29.95 inches and Steady. Today's hi 30 low 21 rain 0.05.
@pratyusha_j Thanks for support! Yes we are not stopping. Pls use https://t.co/tRdMqKWSvj . https://t.co/MFpGCpXx8Z will be restored soon.
Hey @marcoarment love the update to Overcast but is there a problem with Up Next ? https://t.co/oVthUyW4SF