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Conditions at 12:53 PM... 37°F and overcast with winds southeast at 6 mph. The humidity is 89% with a dewpoint of 34°F.
The episode in which @siracusa drops a Lil Jon reference - "Turns out for what" 🎶 https://t.co/pew68ruHz0
Weather now: overcast clouds, 62°F, 4 mph northeast wind. https://t.co/CMewavGA7z
Coolish but not cold, overcast, kind of nasty day with lots of rain a-coming.
Weather now: overcast clouds, 57°F, 4 mph southeast wind. https://t.co/KnOh57EYU0
Weather now: overcast clouds, 20°C, 6 km/h south-southwest wind. https://t.co/zqZBS5IwpF
RT @MikeB87: Beautiful day in Paso Robles. Little overcast but a nice break from the storms. More to come this week it looks. #PasoRobles #weather
current weather in Sydney: overcast clouds, 20°C 89% humidity, wind 2kmh, pressure 1023mb
overcast clouds -> broken clouds temperature down 13°C -> 11°C humidity up 73% -> 74% wind 2kmh -> 1kmh
haze -> overcast clouds humidity up 81% -> 93% wind 13mph -> 4mph
Workman sweeping gravel. It was the first cold day cos overcast and no sun. Had some hail too. https://t.co/HUxMmsJ3QF
RT @MichaelFHarrin1: Little cloudy today on the lake after last night storms looks like a good fishing day though overcast days are alwa… https://t.co/ET9UOolbzA
overcast clouds -> light rain temperature up 45°F -> 46°F humidity up 87% -> 100%
RT @neelkanth_007: The political sky 4 SP may be overcast today with clouds, but a fervent prayer to God Congress is enough to dispel them.@KilaFateh @INCIndia
Apple Byte: Extra Crunchy (MP3): New iPad Pro/Apple Pencil 2 rumored for second half of 2017? https://t.co/cOTSRWsYkh
Right Now: Overcast and 53 F at Norfolk, Norfolk International Airport, VA Norfolk radar --> https://t.co/0ZB6PviBgx #vawx
Right Now: Overcast and 53 F at Currituck, Currituck County Airport, NC Chesapeake radar --> https://t.co/4Ca5rCArae #vawx
Right Now: Overcast and 53º at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. VA Beach radar --> https://t.co/XPmvc4U42G #vawx
Right Now: Overcast and 51º at Buckroe Beach. Hampton radar --> https://t.co/2hXYDTK8rb #vawx #FirstWarn3
#NewYork(JFK) Jan 21 13:51 Temperature 8C overcast, Haze Wind SW 11 km/h Humidity 95% NewYork .. https://t.co/44JzE6Nu5a
#Bridgeport #Connecticut Jan 21 13:52 Temperature 48°F overcast, Haze Wind SW 13 km/h Humidity 80% .. https://t.co/zHmPOAlavP
#SiouxFalls #SouthDakota Jan 21 12:56 Temperature 32°F overcast Wind SW 7 km/h Humidity 95% .. https://t.co/9Tg0kj0GIK
#WichitaFalls #Texas Jan 21 12:52 Temperature 64°F overcast Wind S 17 km/h Humidity 35% .. https://t.co/fBcxuhCwUk
#Flint #Michigan Jan 21 13:53 Temperature 50°F overcast, Haze Wind S 11 km/h Humidity 95% .. https://t.co/J61N03AplM