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RT @murtazawahab1: Made sure that we celebrated today & in doing so i went a little overboard with the red shirt. Lets preach love and… https://t.co/9p8lcRgwNf
The only thing that could come back and bite me in the ass is my pet alligator Snappy who tripped and fell overboard on a Carnival Cruise
RT @AgustaWestland: Man hit in chest with lobster trap, knocked overboard off #NovaScotia coast rescued by a #Cormorant helicopter https://t.co/KkRy4ZPkE4
The Hypo Hoist can operate as a boarding ladder with hand-holds to allow easy access back on the vessel https://t.co/eqlxDfXIYg
RT @1Nighthing: imagine t'as rdv avec une personne qui te plait et la personne vient en overboard
RT @1Nighthing: imagine t'as rdv avec une personne qui te plait et la personne vient en overboard
@AndrewHeslop @mikeyr1973 if only he hadn't been completely spineless years ago during the kids overboard thing...
RT @SamAndNia: I went a little overboard with pictures today! 😍😘🙈 I wanted to share them all individually… https://t.co/MqbwT3jRB1 https://t.co/XroAcJm6YI
Alyse: "Man overboard!" #mkr
Alyse overboard! #mkr
Lord I need a woman that'll even manage to buy me ps3, @delmiyaa went overboard. I just the simpler things in life.
RT @pangeran_lautan: Don't act desperate. If you like him, don't go overboard. Moderation is key.
Unless kalau mmg dh overboard/
feels like 2013 listening to man overboard lol
murphy's law except if anything can go overboard in my emotional state, it will
@RafaelH117 Ehh, that's a bit overboard, at least Enrique won more than just a tiny cup
RT @BTown_Crazen: I didn't see you'll ranting when SRK-Kajol shippers go "overboard" and think they are in love since the 90s. Oh wait. It's only for Mahira 😹
@HenesGodmother overboard man, even with the custom made uniforms 🙄😂
RT @Tweet_2_fdp: Le mec arrive à faire un salto sur un overboard .... Respect 👌🏼️👍🏼️ https://t.co/k1Y7y3RnSU
Throwing overboard district? be seized of your stage show traditional inner man there: epOwB
@ravikantvarpe @devgaikwad12 @YouthNCPSpeaks Dev, Ravi... Hold your emotions... You may "Need" to join BJP one day... Do not overboard guys!
RT @boboskiwaribs: @Omojuwa wtf they're going overboard if story is true. They're likely to receive ban by executive order as the case In USA.
RT @Tobbie__: If you ride for me I'm going overboard for you.
RT @kekstorm: @addamschloe The dude ALREADY apologized for going a bit overboard in that video weeks back, seriously.