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【インタビュー】『ジパング』作成陣 : コムアイ×OTAMIRAMS(オタミラムズ:白玖ヨしひろ&平岡佐知⌘B)×上岡拓也 https://t.co/p0czDAqfaw
@Sirall_OTM @NateBLoL it's not a victory if the raptor camp died at least once
@NateBLoL @_Chewbaka Thats because I am a raptor camp.
@Sirall_OTM @_Chewbaka u remind me of a raptor camp
mfw the raptor camp was stronger than @Sirall_OTM https://t.co/5UvJ2P85by
@_AetherStar @Sirall_OTM well i solo killed him 5 times and then he started being one with his people as a raptor camp
With $BLT $10 seems too neat, and with $LOJN, $CAMP has been trying for a long time to acquire, bought OTM put #options in both.