RT @mitchellvii: The #Media actually thinks they should get to do whatever the hell they want with NO repercussions. Where in life is THAT ever true?
RT @Thirst_D: Niggas called her Allah Iverson. Y'all going to hell 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/3CTQC5dW8J
RT @TJWM_: Mannnnn Long as he real Ima go to hell and back with him, problems come with any nigga
@wing1978 All about the big boys and money from advertising and sponsorship, to hell with the small man,GAA not pro,me arse.ask the dubs.
RT @zadeigh: My head hurts like hell, I think I need to sleep more.
RT @BlackhallRob: If Jeremy Corbyn lost Copeland who the hell won Stoke?
@sadist_hell 그 회지를 제가 1635819장 살 것입니다 후후
RT @PaulDouglasHale: "What's Tragic As Hell #IS Hot Our #USMilitary Obeys A Dis-Barred Community Organizer #NOW A Game Show Host… https://t.co/S0ofDym5ST
RT @thenation: Defending Our Borders From Hell-Demons From Another Dimension https://t.co/LnNBXev3fs
#OnlyABlackParentWould spank the hell out of you and later act as if nothing happened
No clarity here? A illegal alien commits a violent crime and we just deport them? What the hell does THAT mean?
RT @AgendaOfEvil: #UK Arrests And Prosecutes Christian Preachers For Declaring ‘Allah Does Not Exist, #Muhammad Was A False Prophet... https://t.co/8afnLOv85p
RT @carefreeblack_g: Je laisse mes cheveux naturel, vous toucher, je fais des tissages vous toucher, je met des perruques vous voulez enlevez ? HELL NO
RT @Patriot1739: @politico Working Americans don't care. We just want to have a job, pay our bills and to have the Government stay the hell out of our life.
RT @WEBrip: Howdy FOE, I'm your m8 da Quartermaster, & you are in for one hell of a ride! ..initalizing ROR warp-drive! Hold-on… https://t.co/RqsKFrFU1E