RT @WarOnDumb: People often ask me whether we need a third party in Alabama. A third? Hell, I'd settle for two. https://t.co/coIRCQ8FxQ
@The64Bus @m_smitty2 @GOP When in the hell have Tax and Spend Democrats given a flying eff about the deficit?! Oh y… https://t.co/HDjit1No5y
For you people who believe the Mark of the Beast is a chip or something issued by the government.... If your ID has… https://t.co/J3HtwhArFE
RT @JamesMelville: Bloody hell. #Newsnight tonight. We are now at a point where our taxpayer funded broadcaster is disingenuously houn… https://t.co/gix4Pz69Jf
RT @justTapes: Niggas is really going to hell 😂😭 https://t.co/n2R4fnBZYw
Voice of the people
RT @parkjmfairy: student armys!!! well this month is probably your hell month too right? exams, tons of schoolworks, activities and… https://t.co/dm7JEBm2u4
RT @byebellaxo: every night before i fell asleep the tears kept rolling down my face, especially when i would feel the mattress sin… https://t.co/SOptPHjt6O
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I might look desperate but hell yeah I'm still hoping
RT @Iggyrock2: The Polish are the most brave in all of Europe. 1 Sept 1939 Hitler began his gruesome war by attacking Poland. For… https://t.co/FVzRpRgw2h
Yall I just seen a bunch of white people in a line waiting on the cta. Who the hell forms a line for bus? 😂😂😂😂
RT @Maven: It’s Champs time!!! Today and tomorrow will be Group Play for the 32 teams. The Top2 teams from each group will mo… https://t.co/1cagzDMgax
RT @tenth_top: I hold my phone tight as hell when I'm walking by these https://t.co/sfTXzWGOZb
@thebenleroy “Some daaaaaaay, I will treat you... good.” Makes my (English Degree) wife cringe every time. I love M… https://t.co/qpL86lb9QY
RT @irohayaman: #はっ笑わせんな所詮てめぇは ピーマン! 大人ぶって食ったところで味覚幼児未満 味も調理も上手くないものは変わらねえ 噛むとか正気喪失命懸けでeaten hell 栄養?なんてもんはなからまじ興味ねえ 苦味で!口の中は緑臭く不味く… https://t.co/zURLrgfQ9d
RT @TalbertSwan: Who cares if there’s a tape of Trump using the N-word? We have tapes of him: Calling white supremacists “very fin… https://t.co/8rdHR9IcaZ
@__Mufasaaa_ it was my first ex not my trash one 🙄 so it was awhile ago lmfao but hell yeah I know EXACTLY which ti… https://t.co/Zta8bVuMtL
RT @everyother1628: ☕ @Everyother1018 💋 I missed the hell out of middle of the night wake ups 🔥 a litttle #OneBoobWednesday to start y… https://t.co/rOhSZgmfY8
@politvidchannel Who the hell are the 11% that voted for him. Pack their bags and ship them out of the United States