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RT @blueintoblack: #OnThisDay in 2001 #TheMamasAndThePapas singer, guitarist & songwriter #JohnPhillips (65) aka #PapaJohn died in 200… https://t.co/xhIUcatpgH
RT @JusticeWillett: We must resist laws "so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” ―Jam… https://t.co/pGnpY163Ja
RT @AdmirableWomen: Bonnie Blair | Speed skater & one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history Competing for the USA in four… https://t.co/M8J17ZkaQb
RT @AP_Images: #OTD in 1964, Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay) became world heavyweight boxing champion as he defeated Son… https://t.co/GPVl06B5rO
RT @bgmotogp: #OTD in 2018 at the @losailcircuit, @PeccoBagnaia took his first #Moto2 win on his way to win the Championship. 📷 H… https://t.co/HyXN2IGgn2
RT @btsportfootball: OTD, 2010: Fulham 4-1 Juventus 🤯 Clint Dempsey writing himself into Fulham folklore with *that* chip ⚫️⚪️ https://t.co/azbcqitfUa
#OTD 1970 General Lon Nol replaces Prince Sihanouk of #Cambodia in a bloodless coup. @phnompenhpost
RT @daniDpVox: #OnThisDay march 18,1992 #U2 released the video of #One directed by #PhilJoanou Gif from @U2 video… https://t.co/qFYVPotQQU
RT @jdmccafferty: 18 Mar 1554: The Princess Elizabeth sent to the Tower of #London by Mary I #otd Elizabeth then writes Mary a desper… https://t.co/AgpKr2fdva
RT @wherrypilgrim: Wilfred Owen born #OTD 18 Mar 1893. He sent his poem "The Next War" to his brother to "read, mark, learn"… https://t.co/pKussDFzTX
On this day in 1967, the Doctor Who episode The Macra Terror (Part 2) in which, the Doctor is unable to convince th… https://t.co/uL89Z5270o
#OTD 1969 Operation Breakfast (‘Menu’ raids), bombing of #Cambodia starts. #Congress & the American public not info… https://t.co/lYryINgyjN
RT @TheHistoryPress: The speed limit in built-up areas was reduced to 30mph #OTD in 1935: https://t.co/kw5UVina9K #Motoring… https://t.co/D9nAeUuBqX
RT @DominiqueRevue: "I never had any real security in my life until I found the false security of stardom." Born Friedrich Robert Dona… https://t.co/NUSBzqhTkB
RT @KillieFC: OTD in 1080p Killie 1 Celtic 0 2012 https://t.co/9Yn02kNCJD Don't forget to sign up to Trust in Killie… https://t.co/HQpyhetpbk
RT @CskiChris: OTD in @OHLHoundPower History, March 18,1984, the Hounds beat @Sudbury_Wolves 10-3. Steve Graves 2Gs(40,41,8th SH),… https://t.co/natjZci5mA
RT @GaryJCahill: On this day in 2012, I scored my first @ChelseaFC goal against Leicester in a 5-2 win on our way to lifting the FA… https://t.co/sir3ZHxMxs
RT @TheFightCity: For this fervent fight fan, Chavez vs Taylor is more than a childhood memory. It's the thrilling bout that marked h… https://t.co/RJ14LGrbK4
#OTD 1967 US aid to South #Vietnam is increased by $150m - bringing the total for the year to $700m. @WSJ @WestPointCOH
RT @NBATV: #OTD in 2013, LeBron finished the alley-oop in style. 😳 https://t.co/ucaIFspLzv
RT @DannyT21: #OTD 70 years ago, my dear friend Jim Robinson received this personalized letter from Baseball HOF’er and Brooklyn… https://t.co/eHy6GynwkR
RT @OTBaseballPhoto: #OTD in 1953, the Boston Braves are up on the New York Yankees 3-0 at Al Lang Field when in the 5th inning word com… https://t.co/JtKNAAaIgr
RT @mcnees: The astronomer Caroline Herschel, who discovered and catalogued comets, stars, and nebulae, was born #OTD in 1750.… https://t.co/tLx44H6gfb
RT @JustHistoryPost: #OTD 1314 Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Catholic military order the Knights Templar, was burnt at… https://t.co/EohCq7vPum
RT @tamaherehia: "ᶜʰᵉᵘ ᵖᵉᵘ ʲᵒᵘᵉʳ ˢᵘʳ ᵗᵒⁿ ᵗᵉˡᵉᵖʰᵒⁿᵉ"¿ https://t.co/5w4UHRJ2RK