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RT @SR_IdoloEterno: A los indios que se rien de lo que le ocurrió a Sergio Ramos que le pedís? Este tio le jodió dos finales de Champio… https://t.co/fwV5oLTNkK
RT @ReytingM: Sinema| Son Günlerde Vizyonda Olan Filmlerden Hangisini Daha Çok Beğendiniz? #ayla #yolarkadaşım #mutlulukzamanı… https://t.co/7cJLKdOdtz
Saw #JusticeLeague tonight and it was fun! I wasn’t expecting an Oscar winning movie, I got a fun ride, cool action… https://t.co/73Xg3WbebL
RT @Qofficiel: "Il faut pousser les femmes à ne pas se laisser faire… » Quand Agnès Varda aborde l’inégalité femme/homme dans… https://t.co/Pfv92VSERI
RT @MundoLigaMX: Según Univision, Óscar Pérez podría retirarse en #Pachuca o jugar 6 meses más pero con #CruzAzul; Lo cual haría pos… https://t.co/qwlmsQ2Nhk
RT @fantasyIands: excuse me where is kang chani's oscar
Le portrait de Dorain Gray (Audio) ou la vanité des hommes https://t.co/G6qRooaF64 @EditionsTheleme https://t.co/ANmcx1WWCc
@Stemot1978 I hope your right. Let’s hope it ain’t fake.
Will Oscar / Ruby become canon.
@rowanfeliciano el flow de Josh y Oscar me la explota 😂
#VÍDEO. @Oscarquintanav: "Nos hacen un mate en nuestra cara y nos da igual", el enfado del técnico del… https://t.co/7WmZGYYmLD
Mood to be in bed 😩
RT @BenniesSport: Congratulations to Francesca Newbold (form 3) representing Hownslow, Oscar Jones (Lower 5) and Emily Nicholson-Stan… https://t.co/UK4byTq1l8
RT @CCP1912oficial: ¡Con goles de Oscar Ruiz, Jorge Rojas y Alfio Oviedo nos llevamos tres puntos muy importantes ante Rubio Ñu!… https://t.co/G2IBEIG3XV
@oscar_mora_ Porque tengo tendencias masoquistas bastante exacerbadas, como corrobora el hecho de que me estoy plan… https://t.co/hH3QdP2sxe
NEWTON movie was nominated for Oscar! I do not know what made it so spl We have seen many such inconclusive movi… https://t.co/fkjk13zk5p
RT @BrendaPerrott: DUMPED FOR A MOVE & ALREADY HAS TAIL AMP! Yrs ago a tail amputation operation was $400+. ISLE HAS IT ALREADY! TH… https://t.co/uPUMdKLChc
RT @FilmPressPlus: Ildiko Enyedi's ON BODY AND SOUL is Hungary's bid for the Foreign Language Oscar https://t.co/LcexyrMscg
"Oscar hasn't specifically told me these are his goals , but i see it in his eye. He points up at the sky a lot , s… https://t.co/sbO3kkNpCZ
@saint__oscar On a le même dilemme ahah çafait un bailque je veux le faire mais j'me tate
We’ll Reveal A Deep Truth About You Once You Rate These Oscar Dresses https://t.co/MRUkjJS4SI #Omnipop #Omnipopmag
RT @thisbemesara: i need an oscar winning family comedy starring ezra miller and his younger brother, finn wolfhard immediately https://t.co/zAJDVSgonU
Sarah Vaughn, Oscar Peterson - Teach Me Tonight - .Mp3 Sarah Vaughn, Oscar Peterson - Teach Me Tonight - .Mp3… https://t.co/MT8gvyJwYm