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@WWESuperCard @WWESuperCard about ready to be done with this game. Tired of not getting pros. Why hell is it Orton… https://t.co/X68Z9Xypz1
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/apFJP56F15 Orton Catches Kid With Epic RKO Outta Nowhere Into A Pool
@stunnamanant_ The Legend Killer Randy Orton was the greatest gimmick from WWE
John Cena vs. Randy Orton - TLC Match at WWE TLC 2013 https://t.co/ccNzcmKMFY https://t.co/KjMfDKNVXI
Randy Orton the realest to ever do WWE
Cars parked on pavement by local car dealer . Passers by found it difficult to walk past without stepping into the… https://t.co/RK9sKk6wAN
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/ObvVbxLDtS Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan (Raw 3.2.2014)
RT @OrtonFarmers: See you in Orton on Saturday 8th December - we're expecting some characters! https://t.co/ZdOPNvK0mb
RT @MomoLcztt: Le jour où Triple H a retourné Randy Orton sa femme chez lui... j’oublierais jamais https://t.co/wXkdZIMT3x
@Dave_Matter St. Louis Randy Orton’s lol
RT @SeanRossSapp: At this point I'd just like a demented Samoa Joe/Randy Orton tag team.
ROYAL RUMBLE SAUDIA ARAIBIA CHAMPIONSHIP LEATHER BELT GOLD PLATED #wwe #wweraw #wwelive #wrestlling #tensporthttps://t.co/Git2g5jxYz
Dayak yemeye ihtiyacım var Randy Orton tarafindan tek yumrukla bayiltiliyorum sonra iplerde burnum kanarken randy o… https://t.co/c8S7GnK1E5
@WWEgames @2KSupport can you explain to me how this makes sense? Also can you explain how I won the titles with Ran… https://t.co/Z97wmcBsGE
@Abed_Orton @RandyOrton @JEFFHARDYBRAND @SamoaJoe He dont need no help beating no one bc hes the man
RT @300Bl0odeine_: Ptdr même Randy orton n’a jamais fait ça https://t.co/VEQBdpw4w9
WWE Universal Champion Belt Gold Plated Geniune Leather #wwe #wweraw #wwelive #wrestlling #tensporthttps://t.co/EDDkqalPi7
Randy Orton wins with the distraction of Samoa Joe in the titantron as bartender. After the match, Joe did like a b… https://t.co/mpuxtYBDos
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