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@Kevinfinite @1114cole I think it got nixed because they wanted AJ/Cena at the rumble but didn’t want Orton losing
@1114cole @Kevinfinite Orton was also rumored for a world title program that entire year and never had it
@PWPNation Yep and the rumored main event for fast lane is AJ Naka Orton KO and Sami. So those guys are ruled out f… https://t.co/8acODjC0Qx
Levellers, Beth Orton and Oumou Sangaré are amongst the lineup for In The Round 2018 https://t.co/ixMqxM9IhM #news https://t.co/wgNziVuHDP
RT @malik_bmz: Ptdr mais Randy Orton il etait completement malade qui srapelle quand il a exploser la meuf a Triple h sous ses yeux https://t.co/rkf3uzkI2M
Chris Benoit v Randy Orton (SummerSlam 2004) and Vince McMahon v Steve Austin (St. Valentine's Day Massacre) are th… https://t.co/pKNooXo0QH
Randy Orton’s Old Theme https://t.co/QzvWvlnEqc
@BustedOpenRadio what about bob Orton with his cast for over 15 years
Marriage excuses no one the freak's roll-call. Joe Orton
@iamjondraper How many times has Orton failed a test......even if Roman did blow it, nothing changes.
@WRT_TroyJS *ส่งยิ้มให้โดยไม่ได้พูดอะไร เข้าครัวเพื่อจัดการ
@BustedOpenRadio @bullyray5150 Be careful with that stomp on Randy Orton. Still my favourite RKO but I’m a Rollins… https://t.co/kT52EzzMSp
pictures of randy orton naked asian breast sex pic https://t.co/TqKhzGXWhH
@arhythmetric I assume you blocked anyone demanding to be Lord Orton.
RT @TheOrtonGirl: Walking to class and see a guy with a Balor Club shirt on. He sees my RKO shirt. We stop walking and just stand the… https://t.co/S4eiw8YF7K
RT @prowrestlingHT: I have a feeling that Seth is going to use the Curb Stomp like Orton would use the Punt. A rare sight but deadly when used #RAW
RT @BulletClubItal: Some guy on reddit said that the RAW 25 Facebook ad's are showing, Jeff Hardy, Christian, New Day, Usos, Natalya, C… https://t.co/oIheVLvahg
Randy Orton is great i don't care what anyone says
@IsmaelDJRetro @intrusoslared Chamullean mal el inglés, como cuando dicen Keinie West por Kanye (se pronuncia práct… https://t.co/7GcaoMk0bM
QBs Brady retired Romo Siemian Osweiler Manning Tebow Orton Cutler Plummer Favre McNabb @985TheSportsHub @FelgerAndMazz
RT @theorangepage: If we know anything about Josh McDaniels, he is about to trade Andrew Luck for Kyle Orton.
RT @CauseWereGuys: Randy Orton with an RKO Outta Nowhere to his son 😂😂 https://t.co/oBNBtRhKx0