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@syuna_1228 @orphan_august @marisatoalice @fu_oz17kikka @ill1106 あと事前告知したと思いますがレーヴが同行します(
#Hadith إذا جاء أحدكم يوم الجمعة وقد خرج الإمام فليصل ركعتين -- صحيح مسلم
@orphan_august ですなー。あんまり考えすぎるとにっちもさっちもいかなくなるんで、気楽にやろうと思いまする
Sorry little man... No milk here! 😂😍. Another little orphan kitten, with his sister! They're not… https://t.co/RSNabq9ND8
@puchi524 じゃあ仕方ねぇな
RT @manuriosfdez: ㅤ@thatariqueen orphan black, stranger things, bates motel...
RT @madam_yvonne: 今までの私を完全に否定された😑 https://t.co/3ub7Eh5OV0
@puchi524 俺なら「そんなこと言うなら子供なんか作るな」ってキレて返すわ
@kusanagi0310 @orphan_august @marisatoalice @fu_oz17kikka @ill1106 よろしくお願いします! シェイフィチーズ同盟のデスペラ猫、ニコラ=トルバドゥールでいきますの
@NinianPr Little Orphan Sophie Hope u have lots of fun xxx https://t.co/82QO7nyuWH
RT @AmazingPhil: Nice to see British morning tv is covering the important topics https://t.co/cg78skyDkn
RT @Unknown_Clone: https://t.co/8DSGe5oBRs if this doesn't make you want to watch orphan black or at least DANCE then you should see a doctor @OBcrack
@orphan_august んー、そんなものですかねぇ。それでも気になる部分が出来てしまっているんで……極端にならんように意識はすると思います
RT @SteveJCordes: Stunningly beauty throughout @OntarioParks #lakesuperior Orphan Lake hike. Love our natural environment! https://t.co/KkDYdwq15I
RT @Alhamdhulillaah: Sponsor an Orphan for as little as £1 a day with @UWT_UK 100% Donation Policy Donate: https://t.co/nMwavp8tjZ https://t.co/diPMaFUVRt
Why do some couples make their status "single" every time they fight. I don't put "orphan" when I get into fights with my parents.
RT @Martial___: The Dark Knight: An orphan beats up a clown.
RT @ThePCRF: In the spirit of #EidalAdha, help an orphan in Gaza smile. Become a sponsor today. https://t.co/uKUaCL16XY https://t.co/cHZNdGT10P
@orphan_august 神谷さん海老さん以外のキャラ以外との接点がマジでろくにねぇ!? 特にコンビ打ち除くとチドリ含めても片手で数えきれる!!