Tweets about a recent trend: Oreos

RT @snaildogs: Should I go to Walmart and get milk and Oreos?
RT @beeycee: I bought a kit kat and some Oreos. Regret not buying some Hot Cheetos. ☹️
I bought a kit kat and some Oreos. Regret not buying some Hot Cheetos. ☹️
Me tome un te con galletitas y mermelada que hizo mi vieja , después pollo con papas al horno , después pan con man… https://t.co/xyx8J52aCN
alright my crisis has ended im eatin oreos w/ milk sorry everyone https://t.co/anrEwCGWM8
@normmacdonald And then he almost hits a big dude named Grandma with said Oreos. Fucking awesome
RT @tinnydest: roll up with some oreos ill love you forever
@Oreo whats up with the firework oreos? why do i feel sick when i eat an entire package? am i going tod ie? oreo company please respond
@christie_23 @KellyTFisher @Jase_Ellis I'm going with Jase & the Oreos. (that sounds like a great name for a band!)
RT @PapiCozy: Stale Oreos be such a disappointment
RT @SparkleBubbles1: @TheSarahFader Yes! And also calorie free! Have you had S’Mores Oreos?
RT @madnessofkate: @TheSarahFader Completely relatable, thank god for the Twitter Lunch Table, open 24/7 and you can eat your Oreos and have them too
RT @laurenhunchar: @TheSarahFader (Other people suck. More Oreos for you!)
If I don’t get Oreos in the next 15 minutes there will be hell to pay
RT @mattyfwhite: Stop going on about Oreos. They’re the most over rated biscuit in the world. Boreos.
I’m up at 2 am eating Oreos like I don’t have to be up at 6
i eat 2 oreos n i'm ready to throw up
oreos are too sweet for my liking
Oreos!!! I don’t know why but like, definitely Oreos https://t.co/xRwndT3gvW
Oreos. Like for cookie Rt for cream
@Paveena174 uhm no u see me eat oreos they vegan
@rorymkeane @gilliandonovan I see Oreos taking many forms.