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RT @NuWaveLA_: The Orange Good vibes only cap 👀🔥🔶🔸🖌📍
RT @riotwomennn: The "Boy" from Mar-A-Lago. Tall and orange and rich and tubby . . .
@oimo_orange どうやって守るの???( ^ω^)
RT @A___Williams: Bonjour @orange vs n'avez pas honte ? 36000 FCA/mois = 55.39€/mois. Cest là où les gens st les plus pauvres que vou…
RT @itsyouairene: Seulgi & Jeon Somi to join KBS '아이돌 드라마 공작단'. First filming in mid April. Will be broadcast at the end of May.…
RT @kirik: 「残業代をまともに払うと会社が潰れかねない。いまの日本社会の風潮はおかしい」とか言ってる経営者がとっても多くて微妙なんですけど、お前らの会社が潰れたほうが日本社会のためになるんじゃないかと思うものの本人の前では言わないでSNSで書きます。
RT @zyuohger_toei: 「帰ってきた動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー お命頂戴!地球王者決定戦」の 完成披露上映イベント開催が決定しました! 5月6日に東京、13日に名古屋、京都、大阪で登壇します! 詳しくは下記URLをチェック!…
@realDonaldTrump You tell them big guy. You're like a tiny handed orange super hero. #isitabird #noitsafatorangefuckwit
@dumptrump33 @julli_g @realDonaldTrump I think we should all pause paying taxes till the orange creature releases his taxes.
RT @ArtHappySmile: Use Coupon Code HAPPYSPRING for 15%OFF or Coupon Code FREESHIPPING for orders of 2 or more products! #etsy via @Etsy
@heyclaire we just had rice/udon and chicken flavored w/ orange zest, ginger, honey and something else. BOMBDOTCOM!!!
"If I could get rid of two things on earth, they'd be orange juice and ticks."
RT @MADBLACKTHOT: You're not gonna get it you dumb fucking bitch. It'll flop like your entire presidency thus far you orange inbred f…
@CrikeyDave Personally, I say orange. It looks a little pink like and natural. @Sciggles says orange or black, because "colors" -artists, eh
RT @DucksSpyder: [Orange Country Register] Rest has Ducks wide awake in major move toward playoffs #Ducks
RT @jptrib1: It's taking too long to impeach Trump. I hope it's enough to put him in a orange jumpsuit to match his face. Oh and give our money back!
RT @Flygonsuko: 今年の4月で高2になる弟との会話です 兄は心配です
RT @VABVOX: #UnnecessaryConfessions I want to slap the orange off Trump's face. Bigly.
RT @VABVOX: #UnnecessaryConfessions I want to slap the orange off Trump's face. Bigly.