RT @VintageHoops_: LeBron James hits the game winner in Oracle Arena. (2014)
RT @Forbes: OracleVoice: Beachbody expanding while its customers' waistlines shrink
@TinehNimjeh at $job[-3] the DBA was running a Chinese gambling site on our oracle box. Dumped it, reappeared after I left. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Oracle_Dave23 Serena wins cause she is a tactical genius who is a GREAT problem solver also her mental fortitude if off the charts
RT @sioagisoluto: SEEDの武器名などがやたら突っ込まれるけど 現実の兵器もミサイルに不死鳥とかマシンガンにサソリや幽霊など適当な厨二ネーム付けてるから別におかしくない
RT Forbes:OracleVoice: Beachbody expanding while its customers' waistlines shrink
RT @SMakerstraining: أهل نفسك للعمل كمبرمج أنظمة #أوراكل بكبرى الشركات السعودية وبادر بالحجز بدورة إعدادمبرمج أنظمة #Oracle من…
@omnistruck Just before dawn, is indeed one's most vulnerable time. That moment however, can certainly bring you peace. It's 'you' time.
RT @researchgoddess: Oracle buys @apiaryio for Its API Integration Cloud
OracleVoice: Beachbody expanding while its customers' waistlines shrink
RT @ValaAfshar: US🇺🇸 tech companies founded by 1st/2nd gen immigrants Apple Google Facebook Amazon Oracle IBM Uber Yahoo EMC eBay AT&T Tesla #SundayMorning
RT @chromeaix: Oracle lays off more than 1,000 employees. Hardware SPARC division. SPARC, and Solaris hit.
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Hopefully this will kill the dumb narrative tht Serena only wins cause of power, she has variety and smarts…
RT @swesley_perth: Grassroots Oracle: Escape Special Characters APEX Demo #orclapex #security #XSS
RT @java: Java SE updates available today. Check out Java SE 8u121 #java
New Angel's Academy and Oracle 32 organising Nanhi Muskaan dental camp this Republic day...request all of u to be...
RT @DTjordyn199: Missing since 1/15 but she was seen at oracle and Magee today. So please keep an eye out if you're in the area. Tha…
RT @Phil_Dunn1: No, Solaris 12 not gone. #Oracle #Solaris Moving to a Continuous Delivery Model. Will soon be “Solaris 11 dot next”
RT @vincentvanmoe: By making abortions inaccessible/illegal, those who need an abortion will resort to dangerous methods, some even fatal. #WeWontGoBack
RT @TwinFlameRx: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Twin Flames Tarot & Oracle Energy Reading for January 22 - 28, 2017