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RT @barbiefobia: jimin whit his such a cute voice calling himself "oppa" in loop just saved my life https://t.co/HgSsAnTlWA
@GOT7Official Happppppy birthday oppa😍💚💕 사랑해요😗 https://t.co/Mkc01gfxF9
RT @GOT7Official: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jinyoung #PrinceJinyoungDay https://t.co/jrG5HX5PAt
RT @caaughtinjimin: The basket ball be like >> "you fucking bitches. yes i hugged and kissed your oppa, you can't do anything about it,… https://t.co/o6LCW3PUPR
RT @umxuxuzinho1: Fala com a lindinha aqui bb https://t.co/HWswUb0O0S
@smut_rps :( mau dong dikobelin oppa
@BAP_Daenhyun Oh bisa bahasa juga oppa kirain eng only 😂 /barubacabio
RT @landsonmenezes: hoje é aniversário da minha coluna ta fazendo 75 anos
RT @TWBAofficial: Devon and Oppa Ju Hyung are here! #TWBADevonSeron https://t.co/QTDpRQQjDw
RT @vcironico: nós queria ta como https://t.co/hcm5oSakhs
RT @MonstaXFacts: Wonho acts like he's putting a ring on Monbebe MH: "Oppa you dont know my ring size?!" WH: "Wait I'll make it fit" 😂 https://t.co/jOUfVRhFEc
RT @carolinelima03: sobrancelha feita é outra coisa né
@BTS_twt Seeing u happy oppa such a great time.. https://t.co/xM5sTBHSlY
@itsbeattrix pretoo
RT @itsbeattrix: @oppa_tay pintar de castanho ou preto
@neen_oppa thanks for comin thru 😔💯✊🏽
RT @RecitouOriente: Quando é pra ser, o destino dá um jeito.
RT @divadsite_: Pessoas que choram quando estão com raiva me add
RT @baylonbeth90: Devon doesn't need someone like J puro kalaswaan no need to be bitter sa inyo na xa Oppa ju hyung and hyun woo for the win! #TWBADevonSeron
RT @grithingss: We all know that when Seungri says "oppa" to Jiyong, he has hardened https://t.co/AXxGOQSrk2
@jongjamong okay oppa, i'm finally here, your bad mood is cured
@ULTIMATERPE Let's talk with me wonwoo oppa ~ But, but my english is bad, just a little bit Wanna? :3
RT @kyungscute: q: "jongin-ah, can I call you oppa?" a: "nope" https://t.co/yyQ4rIS4D4
@cddeyecircIe 50th rt bless up 😪😪😪