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@tri_cap3_8 @ophiuchus_1 @TJCarpenterShow @thenation Why do you want solar to do it alone, what happened to wind &… https://t.co/0WaSNgiBeA
@Monet_Lilli Aaah i love his lil face markings, my babies Andromeda and Ophiuchus have them too! https://t.co/X5Jas93oSa
Pergunte-me qualquer coisa https://t.co/vzE3N0NJuY
5) sagittarius people stay winning ! (imalso that new sign ophiuchus ??)
Pergunte-me qualquer coisa https://t.co/8zvBwNPxJv
Jupiter in Ophiuchus, magnitude -1.81, at 5.63 u.a. from Earth. https://t.co/CG2ziZa5lP https://t.co/uKYXzMonW4
@hah2lby Tu veux vraiment servir de goûter à Ophiuchus ?
Nobody knows one’s own Sun sign #2019shift #Horoscope https://t.co/gSYyvBhbPf everyone needs one… https://t.co/eT2SDszI3Q
Nobody knows one’s own Sun sign #2019shift #Horoscope https://t.co/Cj5IadDAWH everyone needs one… https://t.co/kNMCVOzcvy
Nobody knows one’s own Sun sign #2019shift #Horoscope https://t.co/b3xEZglFb1 everyone needs one… https://t.co/BlwwdH3d4R