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RT @KRANEmusic: had car broken into. iphone cable and sunglasses stolen- but they left the $60 usb drive with my sets and about 20… https://t.co/6HTGjG0nwq
RT @EspMartina: A mí más contradictorio que tener un Iphone y ser de izquierda me parece no poder pagar la luz y ser de derecha. P… https://t.co/uDXIB679FX
@DescuentosRata Y compatible con cualquier Iphone? 😅
RT @gospel_harmony: Ok iphone xs new 256gb A little crack For 265k Screen guard will cover it Rt pls https://t.co/M3ru7I5lyG
RT @Bushkiddo: Yan makaranta suna makaranta, masu aiki na office, yan zama kashe wando na gida suna twitter 😁. •Twitter for Iphone•
RT @twsxj: ninguem: gente com iphone: fim-de-semana
RT @kkyeek: 鏡ってのは顔を上げれば そこに映る自分も顔を上げる。 だけど、顔を下げた時 鏡の自分も同じように 顔を下げているところ お前は見たことないよな? だって確認の仕様がねぇーもんなァ。 https://t.co/mOd2OY3Hvs
RT @itsogsamobaby: Mom got an iPhone and don’t know how to act but lemme go do them dishes💀 https://t.co/KN4SA3u6sE
RT @i8_acp: @pres_dr iPhone欲しい 周りの人が持っていても、私は貧乏で持ててないからです。
if I delete your number don’t maybe: .... iphone stg y’all the jank
RT @ianalvarex: esto de no tener iphone y ver cuadraditos en ves de emojis no me gusta nada
This is just amazing, in a fabulous way #geek #geek4eva https://t.co/cFdgXHEZs1
Preciso de um iPhone X parceiro esse aqui não dá mais não 🤦🏽‍♂️
RT @jizelle_6: @Enriquez___m Dude I said the same when I got this new phone, my iPhone 7 was way better than this :/
@mofutyandayo ありがとう! やっと念願のiPhoneが手に入るよー!
RT @itsogsamobaby: Mom got an iPhone and don’t know how to act but lemme go do them dishes💀 https://t.co/KN4SA3u6sE
Why are iPhone chargers not called Apple Juice?!
Apple、第2世代AirPodsを発売!ワイヤレス充電に対応、音質も向上 https://t.co/uHOZZhWVEy 遂に出た。買わないが音質が気になる。
O melhor serviço, o melhor atendimento. Atenciosos, práticos e comprometidos. Solicitei a troca de bateria e tela… https://t.co/Ix02qO2cEj
@Emmanuelle_SF Et pour ton argument « T’as un iphone t’as pas le droit de critiquer Amazon » Fais gaffe, pour être… https://t.co/96B9rrCtUo
Ellen has cool Vans and her dad bought her a stolen iPhone https://t.co/E5AQYbptqz
RT @ryosuke_adon: モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/T94kOjoSu7
RT @D_AleSouza20: Rico triste, andando em carro importado triste, tomando banho na piscina da minha mansão triste, viajando para o Ha… https://t.co/U98br6jf8e