@CRInstitute Who did Sarah laugh at when she heard she'd have a child? Who did she physically overhear and Who "caught her" laughing?
@CRInstitute So God can dine with Abraham, meet w/ Moses, wrestle with Jacob, appear to Isaac, inhabit Mary's womb, but can't walk in Eden?
@CRInstitute Moses face-to-face with the Logos in Exodus 33, not Genesis 33.
@CRInstitute Yet Jacob wrestling (Gen 32), Abraham dining (Gen 18), Moses talking (Gen 33), Isaac seeing (Gen 26) & more are Christophanies.
@CRInstitute Why do you always make the "Does God have big feet?" joke re: Genesis as if you don't acknowledge Theophany?
I'm finally listening to that Serial podcast. I couldn't get into it when it first came out. It's starting to drag here at the 4th episode.
I was named after a French guy.
In Genesis 18, Abraham feeds Jesus some meat, cheese, and milk. That's your Bible lesson for the day, kids.
I need to tweet about 40 more times before the end of the year to hit 3000.
I need a virtual reality DVR that records dreams. So amazing, sometimes.
Sheesh, I can't believe I hadn't seen "Mr. Bean's Holiday" until tonight. Also, "I'll Be Home For Christmas" is a pretty good family movie.
"...you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.” -Jesus (Luke 14:14)
Watched Ernest Saves Christmas until I passed out.
I'm paying my daughter to perfect four Christmas songs of her choice. She would have done it without money, but the motivation is maxed now.
Seems his real game is to spin off all the hyper-conservatives into a new party so that the Republican Party can recast itself as moderate.