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@ValerieValssss then that stupid onside kick 😑😭 maaaan it still hurts πŸ˜ͺ lowkey about to watch the highlights on YouTube right quick πŸ˜‚
Or keep kickoffs just make punters do it. Wouldnt want to lose the onside kick opportunity.
@SalSports You need two scores either way. I guess i figured if you kick the field goal and get the onside you have 44 secs and a TO
@JohnnyMFT I was thinking that, but they got too close to not try to get the TD there. Either way have to get onside kick.
RT @Andrea_Farfan7: Israel's onside kick & recovered by him as well!πŸ˜ŠπŸ…±Β© #BC #ButteFootball @ButteFootball @rossfield1224 https://t.co/4R5AYt0Sxi
@AnthraxJones his perfect onside kick in XXX would be the stuff of legends if PIT wins
Israel's onside kick & recovered by him as well!πŸ˜ŠπŸ…±Β© #BC #ButteFootball @ButteFootball @rossfield1224 https://t.co/4R5AYt0Sxi
@JoshRusnock I would agree man but that onside kick against the packers still hurts
Really disappointed that AZ didn't win off of a controversial hail mary or a missed pass interference call or a muffed onside kick #SEAvsAZ
Seattle is the luckiest team. First Bostick onside kick, Blair's 27-yarder and this
Fail Mary, Packers botched onside kick in NFC Championship , Blair Walsh, now this.... You make your own luck @PFTCommenter
@jimmyrich29 Replacement refs Hail Mary TD, botched onside kick, Blair Walsh missed chip shot, catanzaro missed chip shot
Did I ever tell you if I was a football coach I would never kick. Onside it, go for it on 4th, and go for 2 every time.
RT @SportsSturm: Walk off onside kick in OT. I want this before I die.
@JoeMcCann3 Even if you trust your defense, an onside kick leaves the other team just 5-10 yds from FG range (if that)
I may be a crazy fucker, but if I was Seattle, I would have gone with the onside kick.
RT @ChrisBurke_SI: Onside kick, Pete. For all of us.
@KeithLeventhal okay that would make sense. So a surprise onside kick to start OT could be a smart play if you trust your defense
Do that weird half onside kick thing from STL/SEA last year
Onside kick…at this point I don’t care who wins
Pete should onside kick here, for the sake of America.
Just onside kick it