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@motso_ss that girl only comes out on weekends 😂 during the week Issa disaster
RT @storing: Every girl only has to hear that 1 girls name and it boils every drop of blood in their body this is a fact
RT @Breznican: Tonight is the retirement of @AP photographer @nickut, who not only witnessed history, he helped change it. Saved a…
The Sexy Kitchen Great Gazongas! Not only is Juliana Simms a charming, friendly girl and #behindthescenes #bigtits
RT @us_majority: @KeithOlbermann not only SEALS... He killed this sweet, innocent 8 year old AMERICAN girl too. RIP Nora. #RESIST…
RT @NotesForGirlz: am i the only girl who melts when a boy says "come here" like it's so simple and innocent yet so demanding and possessive omg
RT @krn716_hrom_312: #EGfamさん繋がりませんかRTで気になる方いたらお迎えいきます Fuji_Karen (20) only🍧 00line Ordinary girl👸 濃い絡み◎/フォロバ目的🙅 _あなたに出会えたから…
RT @girlmsgs: I just want to be the only girl that means something to you.
RT @saransh089: @yehlog @RanaAyyub yes you can troll a 20+ girl only when you are not of 40+ men😂😂
RT @GoddessFish: Review of the #timetravel TWO WORLDS COLLIDED by @KMNbooks (Only $0.99.) Enter to win a $20 Amazon/BN GC!
RT @Keepinitreel_42: Y'all are 15,16, & 17... don't let some guy/girl dicatate how you live life... you're only in high school once ... 📅
RT @txsensio: I don't think so lol! Getting with someone's girl is only fun in rap songs. In real life it's a lot of stress and nagging and guilt
RT @FemaleTexts: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
RT @mayzby: All alone i watch you watch her, like she's the only girl you've ever seen
RT @FIirtationship: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
Check out this #ebay deal: #7942 Graco Double Stroller City Jogging 2 Children Boy - Girl Used Local Pick Up Only…
RT @girlposts: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
RT @FemaleTexts: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
make her feel she's the only girl in your life
RT @girlposts: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
RT @girlposts: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
RT @FemaleTexts: "you're the only girl i talk to fr"
@Jusstte UR FRIENDS CAME & I'M SHY everytime i come it's like "there's a girl, u guys only came because it's a girl" and i don't like it ;_;
RT @Chicalaroxxx: Been a #naughty girl, BF caught me stealing, gave me a hard #Spanking ONLY available on…