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But I ask, how when these people who hate so deeply come w/. If rubber corralled with space to be, to be heard what lies deeper than actions
Holaaaa soy jackil Oneil déjenos entrar por favooor
Tremenda charla de 1 hora y media con el profesor de informática, me encantó, es el mejor profe firme.💕
RT @ASuicideBoy: Ella es la clase de chica que la miras y siempre está sonriendo. Esa chica que parece tan feliz y en realidad está tan destruida.
I want to give Trump a chance, as do many true Democrats'. It's our intrinsic nature—the admirable I know & those I've been exposed to.
RT @ASuicideBoy: malditasea, te necesito.
RT @Marama_Oficial: Buen día!! Levantarse, saber que tenemos un GRAN día por vivir y disfrutar con vos del LUNA PARK nos hace muy bien. Feliz SÁBADO!! 😊
knowing these r members of the KKK politely called White Supremacists even more cordially know as—WNs, aka Trump's people.
If your heart doesn't break I ask you, why? Tuesday: A run to @riteaid . Massive numbers not captured. So frighteni…
RT @SteveStfler: The man on the escalator was so confused I can't..😂
RT @Vol_Football: This guy is force of nature. Not a believer? Check the stats 👇 2016: 48 tackles, 11.0 sacks, 17.0 TFL, 2 FF, 2 PB…
'Fat week' has turned into 'fat month' 🙄🙄 may aswell carry on nowwww
RT @realDonaldTrump: Fidel Castro is dead!
RT @thatgirlondeck: when you see all the engagement and baby announcements on Facebook over the holidays...
Every bun goes out to him starting this day
Well that's my bro gone travelling for another year now been a norty couple month havin him back n had some mAd times! Till next time brudda