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RT @brianklaas: Trump's thought process boils down to this: 1. Something happens 2. Trump thinks "how can I make this about me?" 3…
Born a Perfectionist, guess that makes Me a bit obsessive!
@BiancaKovac probably i absolutely love them
Naughty women April Oneil and Vanilla Deville horny threeway
RT @girlposts: "hey saw you tweeting some depressing stuff are you okay?" me:
RT @Adidaschick77: don't sleep in so much kids, the morning is a beautiful thing
Britney Oneil Fuckin Mother Fucker
@jonathangmeyer actually, yes. Wage Slave positions only.
@Just_ONeil Any openings at your work? :(
Investing In Rentals In Detroit, Michigan w/ Tomie O’Neil @investforever
RT @girlposts: him: you need to chill out me:
I always get in my feels when I watch a tragic 'Based on a true story' movie. Today it was Deep Water Horizon.
RT @Mike_Laidlaw: Since lots of people be concerned, this helpful guide will help you spot Fake Newts:
@Just_ONeil niks soos 'n Kaapse Gatsby 👏🏻
@kimberley_oneil Thanks gal see you soon
With sony, Oneil, and bagas adi ghozi at Alun-alun Boyolali —
@caitlin_oneil I've been couch bound for 5 days I'm a small beached whale rn