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RT @ImYGRN: Stop hitting them up first and watch y'all never talk again....
Every day I say im gonna collect a different run of a comic. Last week it was Nightwing by ONeil Monday it was @straczynski Supreme Power
@cbirlam Missing ALP Fitzgibbon-Hayes-King-ONeil-OToole + GRN Bandt + LP Vasta. Total 150 x
RT @SoReIatable: when you have crippling anxiety and someone tells you to get over it
The pain I have in my leg reminds me of growing pains.. sadly we all know I'm not growing
RT @SoReIatable: Scottish Twitter is literally in its own world😂😭
Ojalá tuviera la disciplina de un vato y no sólo las canciones.
RT @memeprovider: That's ratatouille. Relax, he works there
Y yo una deliciosa tostada de ceviche 🤗
I don't need an excuse 2b outraged @JNJCares They've harmed me in ways I never thought possible. No peace of mind. @AmbassadorRice @FLOTUS
I apologize 4continuing 2bring up my phone being drained by @JNJCares ' hired criminals but it continues & it's dangerous. @AmbassadorRice
RT @oceanviibess: Learn to care less and just live life