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@Just_ONeil I don’t know, I wouldn’t put this past the company gardens squirrels
@naomi_long @phelim_oneil @Chris_Lyttle POC should be only for constitutional issues and then only as a POC style r…
This is why Capetownians don't move to Durban. You don't see dassies or penguins pulling this kinda shit.
RT @darrynvdwalt: How will you continue working come #DayZero?
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Check Water Flow Alarm - E008 - Cushing St - Oneil - 01:24 -
@Kelbawhom @Just_ONeil @ujochi YES! I've tried shampoo for curly hair and even that doesn't help :( so deffs want to try this now
Soul is starting to feel dirty for the sexual harassment, but if I say something she might stop making me hot toast…
@Just_ONeil @Kelbawhom @ujochi I also only have to wash my hair like once every 8 or 9 days, I trained it coz I've…
@Just_ONeil @Marijkexrukia @Kelbawhom Yeah you still gotta rinse & brush if u wanna look glam
@Marijkexrukia @Kelbawhom @ujochi I wash like once every 2/3 week to clean my head. Your hair WILL get very greasy…
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A Joyous message - God’s Playbook Kim Thompson ✌ A story of renewal ♨ ♨ ♨
Playing with the idea of trading drinking water for beer.
RT @macduck71: My Browser's Been Naughty: Linda O'Neil - She's a Rock Star #Sexy
@Just_ONeil Happy birthday. So tall already
RT @Chris_McNeilLPC: Linda O'Neil in Lingerie and Heels - Model and Celebrity 8x10 Glossy Photo NEW
RT @mrcraigharding: Viral video idea: Two girls one cup II. This time it's two ladies from Cape Town fighting over a cup of water while…
RT @TomHarker_: Only just realised LN means Last Night, been thinking everyone’s been going on nights out to London for months