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@KaraBro30528867 @wpdeabc15 @MadelineTV And they can sell these non assault weapons because gun owners want them.
RT @TakillosoPTY: El Roockie, Nigga, Makano, Aspirante, Angel Phass, Miguel Angel, Principal, Danger Man, Kathy, Monthy, Eddy Lover,…
RT @girlmsgs: i swear when i'm in a relationship i'll drop $70 on u like its nothing but then debate on whether i wanna buy myself dinner or not lmao
RT @MonroeHealth: Thank you to @UR_Med for our #StopTheBleed training today. Injuries and violence can strike at anytime. This trai…
@peddoc63 Tenn. looks better allthe time of moving to.Colorado is becoming a sh**hole state.
@TomiLahren great quote and very sound. Sadly you will see once again sad little people known as libs attack your statement.
RT @_alexishortiz: wow. I really was never the only one.
RT @Waviestbaby: 'Pay my tuition' is always my answer to these questions. Nothing stresses me out more tbh.
RT @Anjalaaay: Amazing how uni has made me aim for HALF the marks I used to aim for in high school
@rachael_oneil Dude I feel the same way😂
RT @BooksBakesBio: I've partnered with @Doogee_SA do give away one of their smartphones. All you need to do to win is RT this tweet an…
RT @feizeldaniels: Big boobs, small boobs, long boobs, short boobs, white boobs, black boobs, brown boobs. I like all boobs. Hope you enjoyed my TET Talk.
@savannahes55 I couldn't get through season 1. I was expecting a good teen drama packed with great music. Opening s…
@Tumie_Daniels Just reassurance that prison that prison is somewhere I need to stay away from 😂😂
Si tienes más de 30 y le dices "ese wey" a AMLO (o bueno a cualquier persona mayor) no sé, se evudencía tu chavorruquéz
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@Robyn_ONeil Hey man, I’m gonna send you one more thing, just so I’ll be at the top, so, if you can, get back to m…
Can’t wait to throw out all the homework that I never did this year🤷🏽‍♀️
I went 18 years without being able to have food delivered but 9 months at school spoiled me...I just want pizza hut’s cheese sticks😫😫