One thing

The big one...

@zalphaprime you couldn't name one thing that wasn't random chance if it wasn't designed. Game, set, match
@DanielIeBregoli oh honey you'll be a nobody shortly. You were just a one time thing on social media.
RT @RJGatorEsq: I had a debate with a Lib today. One thing shocked me: She had no comprehension that people are responsible for taking care of themselves.
RT @underchilde: One great thing about volunteering at a preschool for the day is how much you drink that night.
What is one thing you know if you stopped doing, you would save s... ___ Drinking but it's really not that expensive
.@repmarkpocan There is no such thing as an "Independent Commission"! The only one not beholden to political favors is .@realDonaldTrump
RT @dcurtis: You just have to be right once, about one big thing, to look like a genius for the rest of your life.
RT @BarstoolBigCat: I'm happy one good thing came out of Friday night
One thing we all have to learn is to stop worrying about what people are going to think. If it makes you happy than go for it.
RT @Frvnkkkx3: One thing i hate the most is a liar 💯
The one time I have to use my stun gun on the redline I freak out and just threw the whole damn thing at this man's face lmao
only thing I brag about is being smart.. no one will ever know what's in my wallet
RT @MaddowBlog: One thing the Trump admin excels at so far: investigations (from tonight's A block:
RT @topretty_nisha: when I cry , I don't just cry for one specific thing..I cry for everything I've been wanting to cry for😪
RT @nabilalewlz: I think one thing which makes us more peaceful is when we try our best to understand people's situation.
RT @voxdotcom: Love him or hate him, one thing is clear: Barack Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American hist…
its one thing to say you believe louis wants harry to succeed (who doesnt??) but its a completely other story to insinuate louis has
RT @lossayyy: I hate myself lol, like genuinely don't think there's one good thing about me
RT @AustinW7474: It's one thing after another man.... life sucks
RT @Jake_STweets: Trust is a fragile thing. It's easy to break, easy to lose & one of the hardest things to get back.
RT @TheEllenShow: Happy birthday, @ladygaga! Today you can wear whatever you want and no one can say a thing!
If there's one thing you all should know about me it's I'm thinking about/craving pickle juice at any given moment
One thing is for sure, Love keeps us going when everything stops moving
"Saw it in a dictionary one time. And heard it mentioned in this old indian-kindof movie. It's like, a no-go-super-…