One Day Without

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“Can we go one day without Ana or my family being threatened?”
looked @ replies on a bi visility day tweet and jesus christ yall can't let us have one day without this bs discour…
RT @NicoleHoeck: I think I need to get “Yes, my eyelashes are real” tattooed across my damn forehead or something because I can’t go…
all I want is to go just ONE DAY without getting toothpaste on my shirt
Can DICE go just ONE day without disappointing people?
I need one day without commotion so ima keep me and mines locked up for the day
**** really can't go one day without being ugly on stan twit.
RT @bugheadbeanie: Can I pls go one day without being attacked
RT @hvneyboy: Im so sick my town finally made it tk big news outlets and only bc millions of dollars worth of weed in bricks wash…
is it actually like physically impossible for my mom to go one day without yelling at me for the most trivial things
RT @bugheadbeanie: Can I pls go one day without being attacked
Just would like one day without #JustDance playing on the T.V. If I hear #Macarena and #whatthefoxsay one more time ...😑 #momlife #metime
RT @HinaKhanEra: The Most Real Contestant In the History of Bigg Boss @eyehinakhan Hats off Girl You did not act fake for One Day Wi…
RT @jsjrjvj_bangtan: What if you woke up one day without any memory ofthe last 10 years? A Taekook AU: The Heart Remembers
Can I go one day without crying about mac miller? The answer is fuck no
Can I go one day without having to think about a lactating Yoshi?
Morning! It's Sunday! Mare coffee pagoda is open! I see the Cornucopia display has survived one day without graffit…
“Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. Jobs…
@Scr3wtap3s But it’s the same deal as Lions Head. Just shut down one day without any warning. Such a shame too, I would have loved Fable 4.
You have one day without wearing socks and now you body thinks it feels wrong having socks on
RT @main_feeling: when you get so used to talking to one person all the time, it’s like if y’all miss one day without talking it feel…
Always got to get fucked up, I can't last one day without fucking it up Fuck it, I'll consume whatever
Can the @GOP go one day without a scandal?!
I really can’t go one day without quoting Sex and the City
I cant go not one day without texting the person i love the most .. shit sucks.