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Help! Do you have an Ipad I can borrow this Friday 31/03? This is required to do the video live streaming of our...
TFL: Colin Kaepernick Is Unemployed. Is It Because of His Arm, or His Protest Knee? NYT
I really get sick of yelling *shut the fuck up* at my ipad when indistinguishable white dudes talk over brilliant women. Constantly.
RT @laurengosolo: Time to put down your ipad and take a xanax sinu
RT @oatsudyiam: ตอนนี้รู้แล้วว่า Iphone Ipod Ipad Mac Macbook ไม่ได้แพงแค่ราคาเครื่อง แต่แพงแม้งทุกอย่าง ทั้งหูฟัง สายชาร์ต แพงแม้ง…
@Mr_Beetroot I don't use them a lot, but I do like the odd picture in books! I'm using the Office Lens app now to print straight from iPad
注文したiPadなかなか出荷にならんわ〜と思って注文ないようみてきたら、4/3〜7予定になってる… 本来今週初め頃届く予定だったのにな 勝手にグレードアップしたくせに優先して送ってくれよ(ーー;) Airが新しいiPadになった煽り食う私
【拡散希望】必見!ソフトバンクユーザーのあなた限定!今ならiPadが2500円で持てるんです(~▽~ )♪♪♪iPadのある生活を想像しながら、ぜひ!ぜひ!お店へ(^з^)-☆ ℡0270307411#SB#ソフトバンク#キャンペーン#スマーク#伊勢崎#smark
L'app "En classe" pour iPad passe en version 2
RT @teachboe: Planen 1to1 iPad Klasse (SBBZ-Lernen). Suchen Input/Konzepte/Erfahrungen/Austausch #DigitaleBildung #edchatde #ADEchat
DROP NOT! is a one-touch arcade puzzler coming to iOS next week #ios #game
@AppleSupport just updated, I see the iPad music app is still rubbish with artist links not working!
モイ!iPadからキャス配信中 -暇人、まったり枠 #まるみfam
RT @laurengosolo: Time to put down your ipad and take a xanax sinu
Voy a reiniciar el ipad, ya vuelvo, a ver si me deja mandar fotos por twitter ahora si
iPad Pro 9.7" vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Full Comparison: An Opinionated Commentary on…
RT @jcfmunoz: Tras actualizar a iOS 10.3, el iPad tiene 4GB más de espacio y el iPhone algo más de 2GB. ¡Viva APFS!
RT @AppleSupport: To Do Today: ◽️Back up your iPhone ◽️Update to iOS 10.3 ◽️High five yourself Learn how to back up here…
iOS 10.3 ya está disponible, con novedades en los AirPods, Siri y Carplay
Já atualizou seu iPhone, iPad ou iPod Touch pro iOS 10.3? O novo sistema foi liberado há poucas…
@steve228uk iPads are such a mess. Ideally I'd get a 9.7 iPad Pro but they're too expensive, even refurbs.