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RT @ouggi: Guardiola: “We are not going to achieve big targets it’s impossible. We will try. We create too much & we get nothing."
RT @MarkHughes_: Best thing I've seen on twitter in a while. https://t.co/lHYOB9Hy88
@Ollie_Poskitt it's a good send off that 👍👍
RT @StokeLoudProud: Ollie Shenton made his Wrexham debut as a late substitute in their 1-1 draw at Chester today. https://t.co/d9k43JIp35
RT @Awaydays23: ON THIS DAY 2015: Sheffield United at Tottenham Hotspur #Twitterblades https://t.co/tqoww4qEYp
RT @UberFootbalI: Liverpool 2-3 Swansea Stoke 1-1 Man Utd Man City 2-2 Tottenham https://t.co/oOnotshdxp
RT @JamieRoss7: I had no idea until today how much right wing men on Twitter cared about gender equality in the Middle East. https://t.co/gNOmmURJZ4
RT @AlbertBreer: I explained here that I believe there's a job for Peyton Manning waiting in Indy. It's a matter of them convincing… https://t.co/3BYdM6W7Mi
RT @Baddiel: Useful, I think, for any of the Inauguration organisers who may still be a little confused as to what a proper turn… https://t.co/LzfwfbcgL8
قحبه بالحجاب سيارة مص صدرها بعنف..https://t.co/kdsz2UgTLD babes كبلز سكس_اجنبي 879 https://t.co/dHhUicC2zg
قحبه بالحجاب سيارة مص صدرها بعنف..https://t.co/kdsz2UgTLD طيز مكوة كسها 879 https://t.co/TgcsEfx3XL
"Ollie's doing a sheep" - Ricky 2k17
RT @johnprescott: So on the same day that thousands of women marched against Trump, it's announced Theresa May is running to meet him… https://t.co/ecgjyRkizk
Dan trying his hand at directing Ollie on the workshop #filmmaking #Egypt @ Marsa Shagra Village https://t.co/G4jnX0LKo1
Got another silkie meet Ollie she's a friend for the silkie we got last week to roost with at night. https://t.co/1lP3DH4jwA
@BabyAnimalPics @OliviaLunny Yes, Ollie, and all the money spent on zoos could be used to get clean drinking water to all humans on earth.
Hercules crying on #letitshine is the best thing I've seen on live tv #hero
RT @richard_conway: Video Asst Ref system still in experiment phase. Manchester City can feel aggrieved today. Clear decisions that VAR would surely catch?