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RT @JohnLegere: I could use one of these in #magenta. Hopefully it fits into my office… ;) https://t.co/FTQB0gWFr5
Parenting: the act of making yourself immune to the screams of children put to bed against their will. (Nobody was bad, Ollie just crabbing)
RT @Thalys_Henri: @nyc_ollie @CCONFISSOES obg miga, meus x-burguer não se pagam de graça ;-;
@hellapug i can't even do an ollie ill never b a real skater boy but ill skin my knees at the skate park with you if ur up 4 it :)
Be sure to read this article from KeepTailWagging! My Biased Review of The Farmer’s Dog and Ollie Dog Foods https://t.co/2A0nkCBMDP #Pets
I have come to the conclusion that I am utterly incapable of control my emotions
Elphistone Urquart [Richard Gere] -Trabaja en el Departamento de Seguridad Mágica -Amable y encantador -Enamorado d… https://t.co/cI9j51AG6R
NowPlaying-On-Amplitude-PREMIERE:Nervo - Irresistible (Feat. Ollie James) (Chuckie & Gregori Klosman Remix)
RT @Broadridge: Investment in a real-time, exception-driven post-trade model opens opportunities for FCMs to deliver better service… https://t.co/rZteaXVtGG
@ollie_daichan その渋いカメラなんなんでしゅか
RT @CuteEmergency: Ollie isn’t like most dogs. Ollie is a nibbler, and that’s why we love him 😍🐶😭 https://t.co/WCOgGS1phl
OLIIE WHO — OLLIE ME HI okay sorry i was on the live feed and ... https://t.co/lNhRxkye12
@NooMedina hahahaha vai conseguir, boto fé
@nyc_ollie @CCONFISSOES obg miga, meus x-burguer não se pagam de graça ;-;
RT @AttitudeMag: Made in Chelsea's @ollielocke is launching a brand new dating app for gay men: https://t.co/POEloMkzQv https://t.co/O9PZy8kcHC
A year today and I still miss your precious little self. I love you Ollie June. 😔❤️ https://t.co/CO7f9b9qGt
@Thalys_Henri @CCONFISSOES kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ain q triste, boa sorte aí