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she was right oliver wood should have had more scenes in the movies
@_caeion i'm guessing with 96% certainty that this horse is named after oliver wood
@ricotyrelI I'm watching the quidditch scene with Oliver Wood in Harry Potter
Headcanon time goal is to break @MarkDoesStuff omg someone ships Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood THIS IS EVERYTHING!! #WizardTeam canon!
oliver wood though 👅
Oliver Wood es un pedazo de crush y quiero ir a volar en escoba con él
In Oliver Wood war ich ja schon ziemlich verliebt 😍 #HarryPotter https://t.co/B5E4tg4OEs
#HarryPotter Oliver Wood ist aber auch lecker
RT @CinemaInFrames: THE BOURNE IDENTITY (2002) Cinematographer: Oliver Wood Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 Director: Doug Liman https://t.co/nrAc6jROb2
My mom really fancies oliver wood 😂
https://t.co/WVUdkgUkLu ToBのTeamGBメンバーめも Adam Blythe Dan McLay Tao Geoghegan Hart Mark Stewart Oliver Wood Gabriel Cullaigh 後半3人はGBアカデミーっ子
didn't harry compare quidditch to basketball & Oliver Wood said "what's basketball?" or did i imagine that ???
Y al puto Oliver Wood le dejan fuera de juego siempre. Ese tio como es capitán del equipo? Si es un manco
@PRINGILINSKY @FORCINGDOLAN forget about Draco and can he slither in but how about Oliver Wood and can he give me his wood
wow oliver wood your words are so inspiring and not terrifying at all
Do the Weasley twins knock on Oliver Wood before quidditch matches?
Oliver de Harry aca arriba — Lo amo aguante oliver wood la puta madre el mejor p... https://t.co/aIAb41E3Jz
@savannahmalfoyx Hola, soy Oliver Wood, pero puedes llamarme Oli. Este es mi primer intento de socializar.
oliver wood nganu nahimo naman ng naia imong buna hahaha love you still