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RT @OliverPhelps: Wicked time watching the best test team ever @AllBlacks Huge thanks to @adidasNZ #rugby #NZhttps://t.co/lKOmdJwgBv
Finally going to bed... my eyes are protesting. Stupid bloody eyes... (literally)
@beccajwebb if u need a wee chill song listen to cherry wine by hozier or Oliver James by fleet foxes, does the trick every time tellin ya
#free hirsute norway teens oliver james naked https://t.co/dVP6Akik8L
RT @KMaikee_G: "“Friend, you're HOPELESSLY hooked!” ― Oliver James" #ALDUBWedding
"“Friend, you're HOPELESSLY hooked!” ― Oliver James" #ALDUBWedding
Oliver James would like to wish all the runners the best of luck for this weekends Abingdon Marathon on Sunday, 23rd October 2016.
“Music is my higher power”―Oliver James
RT @mrmarksteel: I've written a column about refugees and children and all that - if you've got a minute https://t.co/85519xWuWG
@VeloSloth @ArenaFlowers I think it might work the other way: people laugh and it, then lookup what the real procedure is.
@Oliver_james ooops sorry, should have snapped you one up too!
@Oliver__James there's a reusable soda cup like that I want.
@Oliver__James my bro-in-law made a good one from a cowboy toy gun, for his Mad Max wasteland warrior costume. It looks usable.
Business Analyst - Gloucester - Oliver James Associates Limited #JobsInGloucestershire #GloucestershireJobs https://t.co/YxxiU2YzPO
@Raishimi33 @VeloSloth sorry ladies, I've gotta run now, speak soon... TTFN ;)
@Raishimi33 @VeloSloth *reaches for bottle of chianti*
@VeloSloth Anyone that called me Mummy would be scared @Oliver__James
@Oliver__James :O Of course. Teeth or skins, truffles or a sewing machine. @VeloSloth
@Raishimi33 @VeloSloth and THAT'S what's important ;)