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Ha um lugar de descanso em Ti... Ha um lugar de refrigério em Ti...
RT @HBCU_Roundtable: Yall remember Oliver "Smokin" Oken ? https://t.co/9YZmSAVSch
Paulinho, Quantas divisões o Fluminense já disputou ? https://t.co/Sd3rCRhduH
Alum Oliver (aka Phoenix) says it's time for bed... Sweet dreams https://t.co/CItKHt8Iy3
@dionnems So is Oliver stupider? That's all I want to know.
#ProgramaDoPorchat Salvando minhas noites, podia ser todas as noites!
https://t.co/fVuFNRcKU9 #Deals #Movies #DVD #Bluray #Deal #ebay #Bargain NEW The Flying Deuces Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel VHS Factory Sea…
Funky Music now Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night https://t.co/GzXTobqAFC
RT @valeconda: El bueno de Oliver.. shippeando Rubelango, ahr https://t.co/kszeFYet77
Rhonda handles scheduling your meetings and managing your calendar so you don't have to—she's the saner, automatic… https://t.co/MwzEpycdrc
RT @Louis_Tomlinson: Met the amazing Oliver. He has worked so hard to become an amazing photographer. 5 days le.... http://t.co/T8zOaGySCS http://t.co/CcLRcQthHa
RT @themusicpimp: Sólo falta un día para que @The_xx vuelva a presentarse ante uno de sus públicos favoritos: https://t.co/oMl98FYHMF… https://t.co/n32bntFsRF
RT @HBCU_Roundtable: Yall remember Oliver "Smokin" Oken ? https://t.co/9YZmSAVSch
RT @lordmesa: "I Liked It" @StephenAmell @CW_Arrow @ARROWwriters @ArrowProdOffice Man...I thought Oliver was being put thru the w… https://t.co/uz3KRmGMq1
Que ranço desse áudio cortado
RT @neoniv3: Pray for oliver francis guys aint ntn wrong with him he just forgot to drop his album https://t.co/raSyXb7T0F