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RT @ABC: The oldest living gorilla enjoys a birthday cake as he turns 61 years old at the Berlin Zoo, where he was raised fr… https://t.co/o2R7Vmo9pi
RT @cristinalaila1: This man is 67 years old! They jailed an elderly man for flipping the bird yet ISIS terrorists are roaming around f… https://t.co/CCx76f7YZd
RT @TheRickyDavila: A 4-year-old boy living in Alabama used his allowance to feed the homeless. https://t.co/5X8oM2dSYi
RT @elijahdaniel: keep finding my gayness repugnant u old saggy sack of shit ima keep suckin dick. but u know what’s actually repugna… https://t.co/NoCRWkSeVd
RT @DeeDeeSchwartz3: He cannot be other than he is. Functionally illiterate with a well below average IQ for a normal adult. His speech… https://t.co/8AGPirIxrz
RT @SohrabAhmari: Check out the heartwarming photos @AlderHey hospital posts on Twitter. But as we speak, a 23-month-old boy is gaspi… https://t.co/XYyDhNPusL
RT @CBSNews: A 17-year-old girl came within inches of her life when a friend jokingly pushed her in front of a moving bus, demon… https://t.co/OzqH8eJFRZ
I looked up classic rap and was hoping to find some Tupac and biggie. Instead Eminem popped up. I didn’t realize I… https://t.co/4awnRyzzJg
RT @supportcaleon: This video is three years old bro lmao https://t.co/k1EdhnJnKs
If You Have Old Potatoes, Throw Them Away...They Could Kill You https://t.co/MOz6tYW80c https://t.co/wWZ2XWcCvg
RT @JohnCena: 41 years old. 500lbs x3 “clean grip” deadlift. #EarnTheDay #NeverGiveUp #RAW https://t.co/U9b4q1KioI
RT @sportsguymarv: The youngest Chik-fil-A owner in history, at 26 yrs old Ashley Derby opened her first location and now a 2nd locat… https://t.co/JQplBYnBxM
RT @supportcaleon: This video is three years old bro lmao https://t.co/k1EdhnJnKs
RT @etnow: #RoyalBaby no. 3 is only a few hours old and already he's a part of history! Here's how Kate Middleton and Prince W… https://t.co/QjgplFNHb2
New/ Old Artist are you in @spinfireapp? Why not? Get your spins up and follow me on #Spinfire and get your music h… https://t.co/KB8gsMWw0f
RT @btsfancafes: JIN 06.10.2015 [OLD] ✎ Bighit Jung Hoseok Oh!? https://t.co/BvLFxDfk3h
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RT @localnimo: I was today years old when I found out Camels could swim https://t.co/EI0CW52Jqm
RT @mrmopar281: I get re-pissed about an old situation whenever I have a flashback bout it. https://t.co/KyE7p69Zdf
Idk how but I found this old Instagram 1D "fanpage" (?) And their last post was in 2012. Must've gotten sick of the… https://t.co/ZJaZ7WyGWW