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RT @newrightcrusade: RT to shame Maryland for passing law to become sanctuary state 4 days after brutal rape of 14 year old girl… https://t.co/7sVTgAu2st
RT @PeterSweden7: SWEDEN: "16 yr old" HIV positive refugee prosecuted for raping 2 underage girls. Avoided HIV medication during rape… https://t.co/rUrw3hHoUU
RT @HockeyHangout: Clayton Keller has his debut tonight... looks like my 11 year old cousin https://t.co/H33muzZcRQ
RT @MindBlowing: 102 year old watches herself dance for the first time in the 1930's https://t.co/6sCeHZ2vu2
RT @Super70sSports: Gump Worsley was like if your elderly neighbors' 55-year-old son who wasn't quite right somehow got put in goal and… https://t.co/GJy8Tml5O1
RT @RavensGirl4Ever: very sad no one will retweet my post for a missing 16 yr old girl in my home town. #NoOneCares https://t.co/hLkr4DaMin
RT @bryanbennett85: I'm old enough to remember when he would tweet insane things at 5 am Eastern Time instead of 5 am Moscow time. https://t.co/IRVYC8xIl9
Out with the old, in with the new. Learn the implications of YouTube's recent updates and how AdParlor can help you… https://t.co/IJe6kJxZZU
RT @StockMonsterUSA: THIS S.O.B - #RETWEET if u want to see creepy superintendent #JackSmith fired!! His backwards environment led to ra… https://t.co/Y3cRQZ2wPH
RT @girlswithtoys: 5-year-old Natalie sampled on Kanye West's song Ultralight Beam has a request for Steve Harvey https://t.co/5Sph6YEBSv
RT @dodo: This dog is happy to walk as slowly as his old man needs. https://t.co/p59ruRUrDT
RT @AshAgony: Protesters in Paris chant "Assassins" (murderers) at cops after death of 56yr old Shaoyo Liu. #MortDeLiuShaoyo #ACAB https://t.co/OhO5DEQjmz
RT @jeromejarre: "FAMINE" HAS A NAME, HER NAME IS MUNA ❤️ SHE IS 5 YEARS OLD. https://t.co/xMiwcOQmCs
RT @RT_com: 'Thousands' of 130mn-yr-old dinosaur tracks found along Oz coastline (VIDEO) https://t.co/9pKgdiF3Q5 https://t.co/jK6PpS1pCv
RT @straysneedlove: Given up all hope sweet old boy knows no one wants him and he'll die in HIGH KILL shelter all alone SAVE HIM https://t.co/K5gMdxizbf
RT @ABC7News: D.C. Police seeking public's help in locating missing 15-year-old boy, Taejuon Lloyd: https://t.co/DDEoKvZtni https://t.co/rT2LL578sJ
RT @omrajnvi: 1000s of handicapped, ill and old cows are very carefully served at Asaram Bapu Ji Ashram. #गौरक्षा_सबकी_जिम्मेदारी https://t.co/0v6vPkp5Q4
RT @br_uk: 11-year-old Nico found out he made the L.A. Galaxy’s U-12 team, then hit everyone with the feels. 🙌 (🎥 @LAGalaxy) https://t.co/LgV1XieOfc
RT @NJVBB: @jessepurtell singing Old Time Rock and Roll between innings https://t.co/sVrt3Z2ho8
this dumb ass whore gets free money for being 14 year old whore LOL SOMEONE KILL ME NOW NI🅱️🅱️AS WORK HARD AND THIS… https://t.co/E8e0Cjrq2k
RT @Bdell1014: You gonna start seeing a bunch of old white heads on athletic black bodies 😂 https://t.co/FHgSl19rkP
RT @kre8ive_one: Need to make time for old habits | © https://t.co/ysnIYj7ICr