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Yes kids, that means war! And don’t forget, they(BPers) will mostly be too old to serve. https://t.co/2y8HVrUPYR
RT @segocortez: Please Retweet guys💔😭 My friend’s grandma is missing, her name is Eunice Mildred Shangase, she’s 74 years old, last… https://t.co/y6aI8ZQOFq
RT @vkookshearteu: i was today years old when i knew about this... and i'M– https://t.co/KTkxH9DMTT
RT @kinglrg_: 10 year old me contemplating running away after getting a butt whooping https://t.co/o8Oug8OoT6
RT @riahkaywinsor: i’ve been waiting on this couple (94 & 95 yrs old) at the diner for the last 5 years.. yesterday Bob lost his wife… https://t.co/GbUSqvgepD
RT @ladbible: Millionaire tycoon, 63, proposes to 25-year-old reality TV star girlfriend after 6 weeks. https://t.co/WBaVuivLBQ https://t.co/c75euqHFxt
RT @Gandylandart: One from the old edit pile, Aunt Cass Big Hero 6 series edit https://t.co/5sRQD0YX64
RT @MikeHudema: We’re all in this one together. Palestinian and Israeli teens strike together for the #climate. There is no time… https://t.co/nAjZ1N7JsS
RT @jbouie: This Shapiro clip is just a recapitulation of the very old racist trope that non-Europeans are incapable of higher,… https://t.co/j4bHWbvDb2
RT @songforarmys: edgy kpop stans: i miss the old bts. I stopped listening to them after wings era. BTS: https://t.co/OZgH7b7zzd
RT @historylvrsclub: Chinese doctors bowing down to an 11 year old boy with brain cancer who saved several lives by donating his organs. https://t.co/bt5jbFByPK
RT @anum_asif26: Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair. The way… https://t.co/dqYhTYPa6F
RT @pauhami_design: Couple of old fanarts of Daenerys I still like... https://t.co/JHZr8uG4Ik
RT @KSuliat: Isn't it time you change those old and wooly bedsheet? Buy quality and affordable beddings set. 👉 Duvet set also a… https://t.co/KxWcRzEYvH