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RT @umafadogeorg: @Mimearfer we were all mad with them lmao and I hope this doesnt happen again in LATAM, especially here in Brazil,… https://t.co/oppJ7GhUh6
New post (Brazil call up Danilo, Fred, Diego Tardelli for final World Cup qualifiers) has been published on Be ...… https://t.co/N3FbboDXWa
.@jon_wertheim reports from Chapeco, Brazil on how the town is recovering after a plane… https://t.co/IH1CY7tT3D
RT @UE: NEW: Liam Fox’s department just sent us a document by mistake. They asked for it back, but we thought we'd do a sto… https://t.co/nptcEW819t
RT @spectatorindex: GDP growth, 2017. China: 6.8% India: 6.6% Pakistan: 5.7% Indonesia: 5.1% Turkey: 5% Egypt: 4.1% Canada: 2.9% US: 2… https://t.co/2OghsR31qt
Brazil love you bts❤Good luck #AMAs
Ummmmmm.... em Fortaleza, Brazil https://t.co/cg3tg7YSoO
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/fWiT6ETgW8 Thunderfuck - Come To Brazil [Official]
RT @CaraiuJhonata: @Corinthians @estrellagalicia TU É O MELHOR CARALHO PUTA QUE ME O PARIU KKKKKKKKKKKK
RT @marksonsupreme: não acredito que youngjae perguntou hoje no show do japao se tinha alguém do brasil got7 tá muito sedento pra zoar… https://t.co/H1RYjvioXO
RT @spectatorindex: Quality of education, 2017. 1. Switzerland 2. Singapore 3. Finland 5. US 16. Germany 20. UK 26. France 31. Japan… https://t.co/60YzknTTCN
RT @thereaIbanksy: This is what the deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil looks like. https://t.co/mGHg5via7s
RT @HabboFancy: Check out this cool #Habbo photo taken by user raelms in Habbo Brazil - HabboPTBR (https://t.co/v9rDDdwjMW) https://t.co/AhgJmtNLn7
RT @coded4d9dc: And this is how GOT7 ended their concert: "Any Korean? Thai? Chinese? Wassup Brazil? Malaysia! Taiwan nihao~ USA? Y… https://t.co/XkOGW1QJ9g
RT @Sporf: AMAZING: Almost 12 months after their tragic plane crash, @ChapecoenseReal survive relegation to stay in Brazil Ser… https://t.co/HDTaBlPLbr
RT @1994kidrauhlLe: @AJGibson @BTS_ARMYs @bts_bighit @BTS_twt Do you guys heard "2!3! Armys Version" that was made from a Brazilian arm… https://t.co/967XT1jWGX
RT @nopasaranorwell: UK trade minister lobbied Brazil on behalf of oil giants: this is a scandal https://t.co/wJEnCzaEJX
RT @DiscoverHabbo: Check out this cool #Habbo photo taken by user raelms in Habbo Brazil - @HabboPTBR (https://t.co/yCLRQyfFVv) https://t.co/zttjW7LWka
RT @Corinthians: Enquanto uns mandam 🖕🏽 pros amigos, a gente manda uma @estrellagalicia pra Fiel! O resultado não foi bom, mas o est… https://t.co/BkQIMA3Tir
RT @UE: Liam Fox’s department tried to redact sensitive information about its dealings with BP and Shell from a diplomatic… https://t.co/GpGTvP8Nfn
RT @MundialMag: 💚 - @ChapecoenseReal have survived relegation and are staying in Brazil's first division #ForçaChape https://t.co/niVcY0xpLm
Livro de Mancha e Zolin em Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil https://t.co/MMnfBVrHCI
RT @btsportfootball: Meanwhile, over in Brazil... 😳 https://t.co/Rx7nDonuW4