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Just a headache and a cough today lowkey hype
Canada v Russia - Page 1v2 - CPT World Women's Curling Championship 2017 Oh! Canada 🇨🇦live❣️ https://t.co/ymmFoaKtnZ
No surprise lol...3 years now
RT @INM_Ontario: Check out this newly launched educational page: "Oh Canada! Your home's on Native Land! The 100 day Native Land... https://t.co/MmsRYKG3kh
O Canadá e a Suécia são dos países mais retardados do Mundo, o frio do Norte corta-lhes a circulação de sangue para… https://t.co/XtEOcUGJgb
RT @chazzyamateurs: The Carly Rae Freaky Panda Dance Off! Oh Canada! https://t.co/ARG3hsnhWS
RT @LouisMusicNews: 📲 mattaveli: "Oh Canada! #platinum #justholdon" Again, congrats Louis and Steve! And good on you Canada, you have… https://t.co/SMiERmxVM7
@vicecanada OH Canada.A country that would hold plebiscite on which hand to use to wipe your ass.Unbelievable controversy about a motion.
-1 & Snow ⛄ 🎤🎵🎶🎼OH CANADA😛
@V_of_Europe Oh Canada ! The Sweden of North America. No doubt this was pretty boy Trudeau's idea. Criticism of Islam is telling the truth
When someone runs towards you yelling "Allah akbar" and waving a knife, this law will protect you and take away you… https://t.co/Ho0UpKN2b0
@Ahk_L @MarkeNicee I'm born here but you were born in Hararararareee Ethiopia. O Canada plead allegiance to the queen citizenship ass nigga