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@reece1747 @Josh__Sperry oh yeah and scherzer as well with the finger
RT @girlydose: MERMAID SCULPT AND CONTOUR BRUSHES OH MY GOD 😍🐠 https://t.co/s5ottNezJ4
@chrissyteigen Oh great now I need tissues for Vanderpump Rules...I thought I was good for awhile now that This Is Us is over for the season
Change the law...oh....that would take GOP.... https://t.co/sLVwaJgfQT
@CookieGalang Pera pera pa??? Punta ka lang dito sa bahay oh! 😂 sunduin pa kita sa DC???
OH SHIT 999 Reviews on @triplejunearthd! Wanna be #1000? hmu, I'll review the best track + mail you some cool shit… https://t.co/MSZM9QCfVO
RT @VIsfel: Próximamente #AASLaSorpresa ¡Oh my God! 😲💅 Sigan a @AASLASORPRESA (Insta, FB y TW) y estén al pendiente 💜 https://t.co/YCw3VxRiNy
mom would deadass ask my brothers if they hungry n prepare them food. I be like "where's my food" she be like "oh I thought u wasn't hungry"
RT @Iesbixn: girls are so hot oh my god i'm so glad i'm gay
RT @margarita: Oh the irony that Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have no Plan B
RT @Iilboat_: oh u kissed 💏 my girl?🙎🏼🤔 tell me how my spaghetti 🍝🍽 taste nigga😊😂😭& also pls🙏🏻tell her 2 come home🏠🚗 & stop cheating on me😢😔💔💯
RT @stardust1006: When I let the boys pick the movie and come back to find #StarWars IV playing. Oh if we must 😉 https://t.co/C6w7MPhYZ7
RT @CloudN9neSyrup: Bank: How will you be paying back this loan? Me: I rt'd one of those "rt and you'll get $10,000 tomorrow" tweets… https://t.co/updTFxRalP
@seruteli7766 主にエロ垢のオジサマとかかな、、、:(´◦ω◦`):ガクブル 見てはいけないものをトプ画にしててoh…てなる、、、
RT @zachhaller: Uh oh Looks like John "p@ssword" Podesta's in hot water over financial ties 2 *Russia he failed 2 disclose Bummer… https://t.co/0ZIToIOLX6
@ChristopherBal8 oh dang! We'll be in town til Monday :D We should definitely grab coffee or a drink while you're here!
RT @aravosis: Oh, and the bank was under US sanctions and the guy Kushner met was educated at the FSB (aka KGB) academy in Russia. https://t.co/1Ue7NCQ5vi
RT @pooh__ja: ไหนใครปลอมรายมือ คุณรเมศ นี่ต่างหาก ลายมือที่แท้จริง555 #เลาขอโทษ 🙏🏻🙊😅😅 #บ่วงหงส์ https://t.co/h00yssRO80
Oh bitch the last two guys https://t.co/MyEtFjGhbc