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RT @TheBluntDoctor6: Her towards her ex: oh well. Things didn’t work out. He’s not a bad guy Her towards her friends ex: I literally fc… https://t.co/18oCnRdj1e
RT @jemelehill: Oh so we’re good with immigration if it involves certain countries. Good to know. https://t.co/BKklf3kbW1
RT @kathygriffin: I truly believe comedy will save your extremely valuable life, Pete Davidson. I am so proud of you. Please continue… https://t.co/00GdsiAGVi
ねこ抹茶の心はこんな感じ   🦍🦍🦍  🦍🦍🦍 🦍😴👅🔞🦍🔞👅😴🦍 🦍😴👅🔞🦍🔞👅😴🦍 🦍😴👅🔞🌎🔞👅😴🦍   🦍😴👅🔞👅😴🦍     🦍😴👅😴🦍       🦍😴🦍         🦍 #心を絵文字で表す診断 https://t.co/KNK0s1tkgl oh…
RT @GossiTheDog: Oh this is interesti... wait the US lost two nuclear submarines?! https://t.co/4lbQdydsHJ
RT @w1tfln: minhyun: hey, what do you want for christmas? sungwoon: a dragon minhyun: oh come on be realistic! sungwoon: to… https://t.co/lfWBJlXWVr
RT @LightsCameraPod: Apparently this is another poster for the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie? Oh boy. https://t.co/aX8qh9jnBr
RT @Vakeyz: oh, j’ai repérer un potentiel pédophile qui se faisait passer pour une jeune fille sur twitter, j’ai réussi à avoir… https://t.co/Tq1o17Weep
I’m sorry if I made you feel less than who you are, a lil insecure, oh yousa a shining star 😩
@VoteOjeda2020 @Archivist1000 Just for curiosity's sake, why do you pronounce your surname as Oh-JAY-duh instead of… https://t.co/HiHvztjOL6
@chyeyna oh, tidak akan terjadi ferguso
RT @happinesspjm: oh my god y'all bts had woman back up dancers at mama jdjdjd YES YES https://t.co/h071BArm5K
“can you save me i have a broken heart” oH-
RT @happinesspjm: oh my god y'all bts had woman back up dancers at mama jdjdjd YES YES https://t.co/h071BArm5K
Oh yes this is the very best picture @realDonaldTrump Tiny Donald Ducky...great photo...... #TRAITOR… https://t.co/Vxf3j2QGdQ
@V45997232V @ForcesNews Oh really you want to believe your BS... try harder commie boy
"Oh you have an exam tomorrow? But it's your brother's birthday." https://t.co/WHT1vVLC8v
@KatiD Oh, those are beautiful! Great job!
RT @Chainbody: about to get hit by a truck twitter do your thing ohhh god oh fuck its so close please do your thing pleas
@ThunderChats Oh yeah forgot about Shazam, Wonder Woman was awesome! Suucide Squad was a mess lol