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@Skye_Bocage Oh my god... 😭 to be fair. I didnt go!
@UoK_Precariat @UniKentDeanInt @UniKent Oh no! We’re sorry you think the food is lousy – we manage 14 University ou… https://t.co/sWJaSC3fB7
RT @free2expressvus: @travisakers Oh dear God. What are we doing to our children?
@SyerSO @EyeBuyDirect Oh no! Lol I like eye buy direct, I’ve been ordering from them since I was up at ESU. They ha… https://t.co/X7RBilW5Wn
RT @DAEHWI_TH: [VID] 📽 190320 Special V LIVE 🐤 : นี่เป็น Step ทั้งหมดเพื่อความสมบูรณ์แบบของพวกเราครับ 🐦 : Step by Step 🐤 : oh~ B… https://t.co/jSOTvSXxfi
RT @Leave_the_candy: Oh I was gonna tweet this earlier but I forgot. Queer babies, use condoms. I’m particularly talking to the female b… https://t.co/I1iNh3eq2D
RT @TomKingTK: In Uber -You write BATMAN?! Yeah. -Like Court of Owls? Loved that! No. That’s @Ssnyder1835. -What about Metal! That… https://t.co/QIvFCCsDuz
Oh great, this awkward couple have date. G r e a t 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/YZXx7QOJGF
RT @EroAngel2: You do know you shouldn’t take everything people say on here literally right? Oh wait. Silly me, I forget who I’m talking to. Carry on.
@baekbootie akshskhskss and when theyre having home-dates, they both cuddled together, wearing comfortable clothes… https://t.co/TCbsxQuB6G
Oh gosh i don't understand myself anymore. How can i be this clumsy tho😔 https://t.co/YRjjb8F8cJ
RT @Skoogeth: child: did i get smallpox because god hates me? pastor: no he’s not a dick like that child: oh good pastor: you… https://t.co/cS5ITnhMX2
Oh yea.. 2019 is def the year of minding the business that pays you ‼️
Perut oh perut janganlah engkau demo
RT @jiminrnb: Godmdkkd bts are jus so . Wholesome n pure like if u go to their acc, their bio is literally “Hello! We are bts” as… https://t.co/oJIZKpWYvk
@xiCardinal Oh yeah can’t wait to use my chipper card smh I’ll wait for his sig card