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@rebeccaballhaus Oh c'mon. You're guys school didn't have a group of boys that prided themselves on sexual assault… https://t.co/f810RY95IL
@thechale Oh my god how did you not have one?!
RT @taesjiaer: bts in the usa: nice show guys!! bts in canada: i love you so much ur everything i could have asked for and more if… https://t.co/SnF58oMCkT
@Klokis471 Oh yea! I remember now 💕 I had just broken up with my dick of an ex then too
RT @247jimin: THAT WAS SO CUTE OH MY GOD https://t.co/9aG3j9hqlV
Kagrenac: oh sorry I fell asleep while I was waiting on you to make me a sandwich Taftris: G O B A C K T O… https://t.co/8gFgsIrbMW
@thotirene oh my god are you talking about..........the one in naruto
RT @KyleBrandt: Oh my God. Vance. Angry run. No words. Should have sent a poet. I have no words.
RT @Tati1949: @Oh_Canada2017 @7Igualdad Díganle a Bergman que no se preocupe por su compañero Del Caño, nadie quiere hacerle mal… https://t.co/KhnkMo7vjh
My resume: - Ability to mess up everything I touch - People skills are average - Pretty much your basic guy - Oh a… https://t.co/DQe4uWkoJ7
RT @shannonrwatts: Oh man - the male lawmakers in this country have no idea what’s coming, do they? Women are realizing we’re more pow… https://t.co/1JWDuVRPni
RT @ochocinco: Oh my goodness that was rude by McDonald 😳
RT @JohnMartin929: That Tampa Bay DB just got his entire ancestry disrespected oh my god
RT @SUGA_th: ‘..หลังจากที่เราได้ปล่อยอัลบั้ม #LoveYourself และแคมเปญ #LoveYourself ออกไป เราได้ทราบเรื่องราวอันน่าทึ่งจากแฟนๆทั่… https://t.co/8K7NqXitfH
RT @AbeleT8: Oh my goodness Vance McDonald he has a family #MNF https://t.co/QgH8jVPapW
RT @hayliemille: oh he’s like cute cute https://t.co/6KakPO89oj
Nerevar about Kagrenac and Dumac: and they were roommates Taftris whomst knows they fuck: oh my god they were roommates
@chas_sporkman @firescotch oh man, i used to use only manual nikon glass- hated turning the focus the other way but… https://t.co/hHwtE61E0o
@MykSaiten Oh me, oh my... hell hath no fury.....
RT @RyanAFournier: It’s oh so convenient that this knew Brett Kavanaugh accuser waited an extra week to come forward. This is a coor… https://t.co/gNW3IxrlFx
RT @TEAM_yancey: Oh god! He got family in those stands!
@johnfund @NewYorker How's hell? Oh, not there yet? Just wait.
RT @Trudermark: Twitter turns into Tumblr oh god oh fuck https://t.co/0wEPuuEyB4