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i'm using the official twitter app and it's everything i don't like about the website combined into a single thing
Just reinstalled the official twitter app on iOS. It actually helped me to get more out of twitter with its highlights and moments features
Twitter is only down if you use the official Twitter app. Sucks to be y'all 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿.
RT @MarkDotPeters5: Official Twitter app is much smoother on the #S7Edge than the #iphone7plus - go figure.
The official @twitter app is absolute fucking garbage. Wankers.
Pleasantly surprised when I moved back to the official twitter app.
@1Defenestrator It looks much nicer in the timeline if you just reply without the @ mention. Or is that because of the official Twitter app?
@ChargerChick310 which app? The official Twitter app?
Noticing the increasing disparity between official Twitter app & @tweetbot: long msgs, more chars allowed due to link treatment, etc.
Moments now available just made Twitter even better that's why i switch back to the official Twitter app instead of my client 👌👍❤😍
Seriously, how can people put up with the official Twitter app? I only just opened it and the time line is full of bloody ads!!! It's awful!
@pinktwinkles honestly, the official Twitter app. I know, I know, I thought the same but it's very good. Alternatively, Tweetbot.
RT @NickKosMusic: Meant @antfrogboy - NEVER use the official twitter app #jolla forever #tweetian
Meant @antfrogboy - NEVER use the official twitter app #jolla forever #tweetian
Man, official Twitter app is king of showing me things I don't want to see. Never used it on iOS but need to find a good alt for Android
So I've returned to the official twitter app. I'm an @echofon fan but it hasn't been notifying me of my tweets lately.
@KatInChains I've never ventured away from the official #twitter app
@whatnotandthat grow up 😒 ergh photo is sideways on official twitter app, so you made the effort to read it naww
Official @twitter app for iPad is terribad in horizontal mode. So much wasted space.
Love the official Twitter app. Love seeing random blank replies to accounts I don't follow that I don't even remember sending. Great stuff.
@SKECH185 @DrBloodmoney it's under the happy dance section of GIFs on the official twitter app
Why have I never used the official Twitter app? Polls are so much fun. @AlexCox, don't read this. #AlexWasRight
@wizpip I can’t use the official Twitter app for just that reason. Use tweetbot instead. Orderly, but not as functional.
official twitter app makes me sad
I just tried using the official twitter app and I have no idea what is happening.