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Why have I never used the official Twitter app? Polls are so much fun. @AlexCox, don't read this. #AlexWasRight
@wizpip I can’t use the official Twitter app for just that reason. Use tweetbot instead. Orderly, but not as functional.
I just wish the rest of the official Twitter app matched it in goodness
official twitter app makes me sad
I just tried using the official twitter app and I have no idea what is happening.
@wizpip I get that Facebook does and maybe the official Twitter app does, but 3rd party Twitter clients don’t (or shouldn’t)
@wizpip and there are no ads in my Twitter client. I’m assuming you’re using the official Twitter app (mistake) rather than a 3rd party?
@MimiLeMeow can't mute hashtags in the official twitter app, only people
I really like the official Twitter app's night mode.
That's what I get for using the official @twitter app instead of @tweetbot. Damn, these ads are bizarro.
@corey_emanuel can you only do it from the official Twitter app?
@GertrudeFaye if you're using the official Twitter app, when you tweet there's a gif button next to camera. Search "no". It's there
How is it the only official @twitter app (my devices anyway) that has a night-mode is the #Windowsphone version?
Does it piss anyone else off that the official Twitter app's timeline on mobile is no longer sequential? Seeing multitweets out of order. 💩
@Khaoszr @JsinLegacy I've tried Flamingo as well for about 2 weeks and went back to the official Twitter app. It wasn't all that great IMO.
Signed into the official Twitter app to promoted tweets by the republican nominee. I'll stick with Tweetbot.
@I_need__a_NAME you need enable them I think.. You're using the official Twitter app right?
Now that the official Twitter app has dark mode and 3D Touch support, I kind of want a refund for Tweetbot.
Let's put this to a test for @twitter. Would you be willing to pay a few bucks for an ad free official Twitter app?
@TechBroSexism this is why I don't use the official twitter app!
@EatMyHalo how can I make mine like that? Is that the official twitter app? :)
Okay so is the official Twitter app being hecka unresponsive for anyone else right now or nah
@ParrishT13 I always used Fenix but lately I've been using the official Twitter app
Love how the official Twitter app doesn't let you add images and soft locks
...really digging the updates to the official @twitter app on #ios9 - dark mode my fav new feature!!!