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Fed Hill in another hour.
RT @CourtsideFilms: 5'7 Chauncee Cheek destroys defender with a nasty poster dunk! @Cheek3C
RT @karyewest: #RapLikeFabolous RT @mattmcGhee: her asscheeks on fleek. assfleeks.
People need to take better care of themselves. Y'all out here looking crazy.
John Watters is such a douche. How does it feel being an SS Officer for the stupid people?
All these years. And Jmar, you still ugly as hell.
RT @OhmyKoreyy: We both can't be ugly lol
RT @jayberete: Lemme drop this and leave 😂😂😂
Sat next to my deputy commander on the way to Chicago. Amazing dude. Glad not every officer isn't a douche
@Enassy_ lol I'm sorry. Shit caught me off guard lol
Nigga said Hispanic chicks shaped like Brillo pads. Man lmao
@QueerHipster Fuck em. Its a totally different ideology behind her than Captain America.
Wtf did I just look at?
Mr Robot seems like a cool show too.