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@DipsGaming I MISS coming home and playing Halo ODST or Halo 3 or Reach
@pslover89 @Verdict4489 Halo Reach (Bungie) was a 91 Halo 4 (343) an 87 Halo ODST (Bungie) 83 Halo 5 (343) 84 If 8… https://t.co/5yRdXleBUN
RT @MourinhoMindset: We've lost to Valencia but still qualified. Mood: https://t.co/Nz2vfKAb2g
@ODST_M1 @transgamerthink I feel bad for the development team, there are so many signs that they weren't given enou… https://t.co/6RxmCau7MH
RT @LeanandCuisine: Lmaooooo I use to love making these shits 😂😂😂 http://t.co/d1OXzbb7ls
RT @anything4views: @YouTube The community felt robbed because so many of the creators that helped build the platform where foreshadowe… https://t.co/ah7G0ErQQE
Got a new WR on Halo 3 ODST Legendary Full Game with a time of 1:18:30. Not the best by a long shot, but Coastal sa… https://t.co/OuJIsKCckO
RT @KayEwumi: Don’t forget, Episode 3 of #Enterprice will be on BBC1 tomorrow @ 11:25pm !! You can also watch all 4 episodes on… https://t.co/8hiJaoW8tk
dear 343 industry’s can you please add fire fight from halo 3 odst in halo master chief collection https://t.co/hKsHjkK6cR
@transgamerthink Completely agree. Medics need a buff like nobody’s business. Maybe it’s a bit video gamey, but why… https://t.co/4k82VMhN1S
@Tashi343i @Randy_355 dear 343 can you please add fire fight from halo 3 odst in halo master chief collection
@ODST_M1 SMGs are at the point that I'd rather just stop playing medic most often and swap to support or something.
@transgamerthink Nerfing the DMRs was not a smart decision. Also, I feel like SMGs could be rebuffed if bullet spee… https://t.co/GQZCecMRVp
@JezCorden @Ishmae1 @TiagoCostaX Agreed on the crossovers. Would love to see a Spartan, Banjo, Conker, and Blinx ap… https://t.co/pCY96eDvq1
@longhorn9013 @Greenskull I enjoy Halo 5's Warzone Firefight much more than Halo 3 ODST firefight. But both are good 👍
Hi @PlutonForEver, any word on the replacement director for the Showtime @Halo series? May I recommend… https://t.co/QXyUZlhARk
RT @OriginalQuefela: I’d. Risk. Everything. And. Even. That. Which. I. Do. Not. Have!!! https://t.co/5K8uRw6YwI
@sldfspectresix @NathanFillion Don't forget he has also been the Green Lantern, Gao in Jade Empire and before desti… https://t.co/QdDL9yZzhp