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Now I'm here and we're playing halo 3 odst! https://t.co/ufYU0nGw0p
RT @katarn343: ¿Saben lo frustrante que es que Halo 3 y Halo 3: ODST no tengan la opción de rebobinar en modo cine? Cada vez que q… https://t.co/cFbs9bXI1S
Me and @P1nkandsexy when we went through ODST together https://t.co/uG3nC8Najt
RT @ParkerParrish7: What were the Sangheili Inspired to be from a Historical perspective?. #Sanghili #Halo https://t.co/RuXdCYzOhL
Banjo-Kazooie (N65) Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 (PS2) Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360) Alan Wake (Xbox 360 & PC) Star Wars:… https://t.co/mkC194kmWn
RT @Sumeetarbi117: Hey @Halo if there is a chance of halo 3 ODST firefight. Can we have this Badass please ? @HiddenXperia @toa_freak… https://t.co/J88oDizRh1
RT @TheShadowsmiths: Alright #DestinyTheGame folks, here’s the sitch- I’d really love to go to @GuardianCon this year, but the trip is… https://t.co/lcOHt1MrPz
RT @nisnykz: お題:ディアボロの大冒険 https://t.co/egAsQ4exVI
こんな機会でも無ければ話題にしないようなの中心に行くぜ。 1:45あたりの盛り上がりから聞きどころ多すぎてヤバイぜ Halo 3 ODST - Finale https://t.co/kOI6q1VguL @YouTubeより
Hm, in no particular order prob: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Halo 3: ODST Persona 5 Dark Souls 3 Pokemon Om… https://t.co/BYMjTFgYt1
RT @RyanTheTwit: Made it back home after flying from Atlanta to Austin through New York thanks to weird flight delays. I'm sorry to… https://t.co/Ltren8DOKY
RT @LateNightHalo: Finishing up a new video script 👀👀 it’s “why it’s about time Halo got bot support” https://t.co/gJJJctlpXq
@WildGhostFox “Most concerning,” he simply responded while knowing ultimately nothing he could do to change the sit… https://t.co/tjTkJIWAJM
RT @Jll7Chief: "A Legend.. A Hero.. A Demon.. A Reclaimer.." @Halo @ske7ch @343iCommunity @343Postums @Unyshek @Rythayze… https://t.co/nN4EFw544d