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RT @indcultural: Concierto Orquesta de Cámara de Chile 30/03 - 19hrs. en Iglesia del Niño Jesús de Praga / Independencia @ocd_chile… https://t.co/hSvmtWCCQT
@okaynowbreathe great information!! I learned a lot!!! Never looked at OCD that way before, the thought intrusion, disabling. Ty for posting
[参戦済] 2014/12/07 寺島拓篤Zepp Diver City 2015/05/08 OLDCODEX 仙台rensa
RT @nanloser: เราชอบใช้มาก เหรียญ 25 สตางค์ 50 สตางค์เนี่ย เวลามีจ่ายจะรู้สึกชนะ ชนะไรไม่รู้ แต่ฟินที่มีจ่ายพอดีอะ 55555 ocd กำเริบ
Hmu if you wanna do a pole dancing class with me sometime...heard it is great exercise 😂 https://t.co/45gII2htMg
結局昼間寝てたから起きたの夜だし、 軟骨開けるのもちきって開けらんないし、明日(今日)出かけるのに寝れないし、午前中起きれないし
【交換】OLDCODEX OCD FEツアー 会場限定 缶バッジ バッチ マスキングテープ 譲》11/18大阪セット 求》10/10山口セット 3/30OCD山口か3/31福岡にて手渡しの交換希望 宜しくお願い致します。
RT @BirdTherapy: 5 hours left now... Please support and RT. #mentalhealth #nature #wildlife #anxiety #OCD #depression https://t.co/jD6gl0dfgB
When you have organizational OCD... I plan my days out by the hour... #help #highlight #obsession https://t.co/hSVo3JyOlw
@amdev sure, although @schwa just did and said he'd hire me. But my remote needs are what kicks me out of the running. Fucking OCD. FML
Person who really needs -> #MentalHealthcareBill is Thug> @ArvindKejriwal. He is having severe Mental disorder & extreme OCD towards Modi 😂😂
The form of OCD you probably haven't heard of https://t.co/6da6y3P84B
Why am I so "OCD" with my grammar? It's OCD fuck ass, it's called, I purposely learned something from high school🙌🏼
because i definitely mistake my obsessions for reality when my OCD is bad. it's kind of funny in a weird way when i have that moment of