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@TheRealDaddyDyl Nah I’m ocd I’ll be wondering if it’s broken up how I like
Not autistic, but I do have OCD as a side effect? of my anorexia, and I also never fully defeated my depression fro… https://t.co/pnNvrT82zv
RT @ThemindConsole_: if you have ever suffered from… • depression • anxiety • eating disorder • self-harm • ocd • bipolar • feeli… https://t.co/DaMahN5YNd
@witchergame @CaveGeekArt OH MY GOD. Pure wonder. Congrats to the amazing artist!
@ocd_rageon 株持ってたら、株主優待がある限りずっと優待されるやろって、なんかそういう……なるほど~~って思ったけどいま考えると…???
おはようございます!! 多分中の人は今の時間はOLDCODEXを聞きながらバスにいます!(学校の日) 休みの日は爆睡してますねww 【定期】
RT @GraceAl77325390: Is the asymmetry of this dress triggering anyone else, or is it just me? #ocd https://t.co/ywZ4uByzXL
RT @hifunctionorg: I need more than doctors and drugs. #drugs #medications #meds #pills #doctors #mentalillness… https://t.co/EVx2AEOAzG
RT @witchergame: Map of the Northern Land from The Witcher 3 made on traditionally tanned deer skin. Details are burned into the ski… https://t.co/GllobBgFhI
Unraveling the Link Between PTSD and OCD https://t.co/GtLJ6jLdHN
@ocd__8l2 ぜひとも会いたい!💕 桜の宴当日にまた連絡させてもらいます😆😆
Lately I’ve learned that it’s okay when ocd sometimes gets the better of me. Where I cannot fight against some part… https://t.co/gqNRyEsmMk
RT @LoLSanlucar: [ATENCIÓN] No suelo hacer esto, pero es URGENTE. Me he encontrado a estos tres BEBÉS tirados en una carretera en… https://t.co/vc7KCuIPCP
I’m so OCD when it comes to twitter layouts, like they have to match for me
I only look cuz my ocd. I dont like notifications so I click it just to remove the number.
Haven't driven my vehicle for four months but it was so DIRTY. My semi OCD was tweaking out
RT @boutelIas: crazy ex girlfriend has a main character diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bpd and the lead actress who plays… https://t.co/V0mXD6iUhN
I don't mind about the rugs but this wonky rail hurt my OCD 😂 (please say it is just an illusion) @khoa_nguyenhttps://t.co/SM6XdGCGL8
Managing OCD with CBT For Dummies by Katie d'Ath https://t.co/gKA9eNkzGD
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/VKL7vXHyqz About my OCD | My compulsions
RT @RDRRule: If you have ever suffered from: • Depression • Anxiety • Eating disorder • Self-harm • Ocd • Bipolar • Feelings of… https://t.co/nvcgxJ0pY6
RT @GPapadon: -Συγγνώμη, πόσο τα έχετε αυτά τα βιβλία για το ocd -99,99€ -Αντίο
RT @benjaminjmiller: I’m slightly biased, but I do love the Multi Blade. Soil was thrown back to extend a car park and will be moved aft… https://t.co/oByXc3rKC8