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just having a little secondhand ocd panic attack before bed about youtubers fucking fumbling through spending hundreds of dollars on makeup
@applevis This is killing my OCD. The heading "I Periodically Have Questions" in the What's New in iOS 11 Accessibility article 1/2
When your white uniform turns grey so your OCD mum spends the evening bleaching it cos 'my washing never runs! How could it!'
bottom one of an ocd problem so
Help get a coming of age book- where I talk about a lot including ADHD, anxiety, and OCD- published! https://t.co/s6zzns27Zj #MentalHealth
RT @kiyo_saiore: 動画投稿ーー!遅いと思った方、こんばんは。普通にぶっ飛んでるゲームにまた手を出してしまいました。馬。どうぞーー⇒⇒『うまのプリンスさま』というゲームが本気でぶっ飛んでる https://t.co/EmgaZyMgcs @YouTubeさんから とりあえず菅田くんごめんなヒヒーン
RT @HIPpresents: 【#OLDCODEX からコメント到着!】本日の名古屋公演からスタートした #OTMT!明日からZepp DiverCity 2Days!東京・大阪公演全日程の当日券の販売も決定!https://t.co/H6mqaCABTI… https://t.co/Nlx245jbH4
RT @ElspethBellPhD: The OCD Capital Walk is 32 days away! Where are all my walkers at? Come support @IOCDF & @midatlanticocd! https://t.co/vSXyHHReC3 @GiveGab
RT @mynameisyorke: ただいまトーキョー。 今夜もTOKYO FM "Garden Gate"で会いましょう。今夜のOA, ツアーに来てくれた皆の声も流れて。ってぜってぇ胸熱でぃ :O !! #gardengate
@BehroozDwazza OCD daran shayad😂😂 mikhaan rond beshe!
Trump's OCD: Obama did it... Obama did it.. Obama did it... Why won't anyone listen to ME? https://t.co/CzoM8iQ6Hk
RT @AndreaTice: Congrats to my friend @allisonmbritz on her book launch! #Obsessed is a memoir recounting her struggle with #OCD.… https://t.co/AK7snH9IHw
RT @Sipho_Says: Remember in 2015 when you guys were all OCD? Lmaoooooo
Remember in 2015 when you guys were all OCD? Lmaoooooo
デス声の歌があまり好きな曲なくて OCD人気なる前から知ってたけど ずっと避けてきたんわ…でも 達の歌声好きだから、レンタルするか、いつも迷う…
RT @TimetoChange: OCD is driven by intrusive and unwanted thoughts, but that's not what we see and hear in the media. Gina's blog: https://t.co/xGlDYNwOrg
RT @TheWeInMe: My parts who were willing to participate... #TheWeInMe #DIDChat #PTSD #DID #OCD#KeepTalkingMH #MentalHealth <3💪🏻<3… https://t.co/itz5SIVU24
Behavioral therapy increases connectivity in brains of people with OCD https://t.co/KyeRqGf3iN
If you're in DC, please consider doing this - OCD is joked about a lot (we sufferers do it too!) but it means the w… https://t.co/2FBb6W7EZ5
@cobcobcob2015 あくまで私の場合ですが、メッツコーラもペプシスペシャルも飲み続けました(毎日1,5リットル)が、意味なかったです😅
@CR0WR3I_96_OCD やんなやんな!また遊ぼう!!!