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I sometimes get questions about what is the “Obasi gang”. We are a family, a team, a group of dreamers, etc. They a… https://t.co/hNKbQ3y7YJ
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RT @gentleojay: Fellow Nigerians, I pledge to Nigeria my country, To remove Buhari and Osibanjo To be gentle, loyal on election d… https://t.co/6qofS8vrjn
RT @segalink: GMB vowed to punish “budget-padding” culprits in his government but He never did and will never do. Is this the kin… https://t.co/ssN8Wy1SvX
RT @segalink: $43 million cash was found in an Ikoyi apartment. It is already more than a year since a probe panel was instituted… https://t.co/uDMldoKvts
RT @segalink: Too many of GMB’s close relatives were recruited into his Govt namely; Mamman Daura (nephew), Chief of Staff (nephe… https://t.co/Nzco2uOeLx
RT @segalink: You also are aware that GMB government make claims to have saved trillions of Naira in the TSA but Still, they kept… https://t.co/ZFz9TPD7CK
RT @segalink: Do you know Distinguished that According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in the 1st quarter of 2016, the Nige… https://t.co/8fRcZlFPbS
RT @segalink: You will also agree with me and Nigerians with a pulse, yet to be brainwashed that GMB dominates his top federal po… https://t.co/tZZuk9ziif
RT @segalink: I need not even bring this up but you know just as you are sure that you are Male that GMB is selective in his figh… https://t.co/XUwe204FgY
RT @segalink: Do you know my politically correct brother, that Nigeria is currently ranked as the 3rd Most Terrorized Global Nati… https://t.co/bIf9O5PLeF
RT @segalink: The GMB government’s incompetence are often demonstrated when he appoints dead people into government agencies. I’m… https://t.co/HUU59vNtmS
RT @segalink: According to UNICEF, 13.2 million Nigerian children are now out of school. This is the highest in the world. Of whi… https://t.co/zv8o9Gx7O2
RT @segalink: Would you phone a friend about Abba Kyari - GMB’s Chief of Staff (CoS) - who took N500m bribe from MTN? He did it t… https://t.co/6KQpFeAGtF
RT @segalink: Can I put it to you stricto censo that GMB’s mismanagement of the economy introduced Double digit inflation to the country? 🤔
RT @segalink: Are you aware or would prefer to play dead to the fact that The Nigerian currency – the Naira - devalued under GMB… https://t.co/SP1s46uOCw
RT @segalink: Do you know Folarin Coker, the former head of an agency in Lagos state, diverted N3billion from the account of the… https://t.co/rXOuppC9EL