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RT @sallesino: Trump llegando a la Casa Blanca / Obama llegando a la Casa Blanca Oh, las diferencias https://t.co/Bf1evaVjQK
VIDEO. Le mystérieux cadeau de Mélania Trump qui embarasse Michelle Obama https://t.co/3TKQOfkoEc
RT @thenoahkinsey: 2016: Melania steals from a Michelle Obama speech 2017: Trump steals from a Bane speech 2018: Pence steals from an Emperor Palpatine speech
RT @pettyblackgirI: Shepard Fairey, the artist behind Obama's legendary 'Hope' poster, reveals a new series titled 'We The People' whic… https://t.co/ZfhVC97hxT
RT @POTUS44: As we look forward, I want our first steps to reflect what matters most to you. Share your thoughts with me at https://t.co/fGUxlpLVue.
RT @Naja_Hough: me: *sees the Obama family leaving the White House *walks up* me: so what y'all finna get into? https://t.co/ZnuxYUyuav
RT @norm: On this day in 2009, Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the United States. https://t.co/j9B8JsEobI
RT @ozdinMehmet: Gidişin olsun,dönüşün olmasın! İslâm âlemi seni unutmayacak...israil iti obama... https://t.co/EtCAGiLMDy
RT @kaithemind: #ObamaDay needs to be an official holiday. No work, no school. We spend the day thanking Obama for what he's done for our country.
RT @L0UISDRUG: Obama ni siquiera fue mi presidente y ya lo extraño
RT @tbhireIate: Trump: "I will never let you down" Obama: https://t.co/sUlWtO8Zhd
@CraigBlaylock @SSbolton48 @imwithMAGA @washingtonpost Washington post views are with liberals Obama believed release prisoners is better
RT @WORLDSTAR: Obama really broke out singing Al Green! 😂 #ThankYouObama https://t.co/P9yPmJW9PM
RT @SavageBiden: Biden: Barack please don't leave me with them. Obama: Joe, you're leaving when I leave. Biden: Oh right lmao love y… https://t.co/I7RHaHrNj4
Departing Obama Tearfully Shoos Away Loyal Drone Following Him Out Of White... https://t.co/SKTOes45QB by #SimonMoores via @c0nvey
Obama vs Trump: comparativa en fotos de la cantidad de gente que asistió a la asunción de cada presidente https://t.co/rwpMVm6Ilf
RT @seanhannity: In less than 3 hours the OBAMA nightmare ends, and the process of undoing the damage can begin!!! #MAGA
RT @SweetestAsshoIe: Thank you Obama's and Biden's. You will be truly missed. ✊🏾🇺🇸‼️ https://t.co/q8L9aAnV3h
RT @LateNightSeth: Seth’s farewell message to the Obama administration. 👋 https://t.co/YrydpF3rHX
RT @ngurare: In USA, Obama was in power for 8yrs there is a peaceful transfer of power today, but in Gambia, Jammeh who ruled for 20yrs wants more power😀
RT @OfficialHanzala: Comparison: President Trump and Barack Obama’s #inauguration crowds https://t.co/da1LHRTdXy
RT @SnoozeInBrief: PENCE: I get sworn in a few minutes before Trump OBAMA: PENCE: We could do a quick meme OBAMA: PENCE: Please at lea… https://t.co/leASYH4mZE
RT @chrisdonovan: A reminder that Barack Obama spent the night before his January 2009 inauguration honoring his defeated opponent by… https://t.co/8SNWdVCYZ9
RT @FrankUnderwocd: Pretty sure the flag-waving cover photo from Trump's new POTUS account is, a picture from Barack Obama's Inaugurati… https://t.co/YAr2DvBFsr