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RT @HWL53: Obama says he is more optimistic about America's future & I agree... In 53 days this Urkel POS is gone https://t.co/uG2Nushd4a
RT @DaystoTrump: Cynthia Stroum gave $1.48M to the #DNC and #Obama nominated her for Ambassador to Luxembourg 2009 - 2011. #DNCleak https://t.co/MM7vbQoVtq
RT @girlposts: Ellen took Michelle Obama to a CVS to teach her how to be normal. https://t.co/bzr8Hrsh6f
RT @FemaleTexts: Ellen took Michelle Obama to a CVS to teach her how to be normal 😂 https://t.co/uXOhJkDiyq
Has Obama been a transformative president? Listen to the @LSE_Ballpark Extra Innings to find out https://t.co/K69ywmZm7i
RT @CNN: President Obama: "Unless you are a Native American, you came here from someplace else" https://t.co/UYpqI3w42L https://t.co/Xdj4C28Lb5
Audra and Morgan and Mel and Moises and the O'Neill and more! https://t.co/GMvO4H7q09
US election: Trump campaign acknowledges Obama was born in US https://t.co/73kJqqjcf4
The Birther issue doesn't hurt @realDonaldTrump, it helps him. Obama's birth certificate was computer created https://t.co/2Lb4ytagyl
RT @andendall: 64 Consecutive Months of Private Sector Job growth against opposition 100% vested in failure https://t.co/lIx0yQRIDR https://t.co/Svv4hIJI58
RT @donnabrazile: Don't moan, get busy. Trump bullish as poll numbers rise, won’t say Obama was born in United States https://t.co/cytuM0YMUW
RT @DanRiehl: Chris Matthews 2007 calls out Team Clinton as surrogate Bob Kerry talks Obama's time in a madrassa https://t.co/cctk4NPiKi via @YouTube
RT @HillaryClinton: President Obama’s successor cannot and will not be the man who led the racist birther movement. Period.
North Korea’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ takes on Obama https://t.co/EzNSD3Hqpe
RT @ddale8: Little Miss Flint met both Trump and Obama this year. https://t.co/eH15fElHqw
RT @FoxNews: Trump, Clinton trade barbs over Obama 'birther' movement https://t.co/xJjcnj8T37
The Chuck Todd Society can give Trump all the Birther free passes he wants, but they will not decide this election. Obama supporters will.
RT @ImAProudJew: in '08 whan Hillary Supporters claimed that Obama wasn't born in America, why didn't she call her supporters a basket of Deplorables???
RT @foxandfriends: .@IngrahamAngle: To boost a sagging Hillary, Obama brags about the sagging economy https://t.co/nSQXewddub
RT @KevinMKruse: Trump demanded Obama produce birth certificate, passport records, college applications & transcripts but won't release his own tax returns?
https://t.co/s33y6xYgvD Obama está concluyendo su Administración. Pero no parece que su... https://t.co/gUacK4UX5t
RT @stavvers: dear god yes, please let this happen lmao. Come on, Obama, make THIS your legacy. https://t.co/sL9zRYmmsy
Harvard Crushes The "Obama Recovery" Farce With 9 Simple Charts | Zero Hedge https://t.co/9RqeChgF9D