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RT @skrongmeat_: happy Presidents' Day to Barack Obama and him only
WWE crowd give a standing O for Obama. That'll go down well with Linda
RT @nodqdotcom: Big pop for Obama on titantron. I really want Trump to be shown on the screen. #WWE #RAW #WWELA
RT @SopanDeb: Yes. Only reason it is being brought up often is the amount of times Trump mocked Obama for golfing and said he wou… https://t.co/kzHGRDqg1g
'Don't Know What Referring To': MSNBC Anchor On Obama Promising 'Flexibility' to Russia... https://t.co/Kj1eAtVxPT
The Staples Center just popped for a video of Barack Obama like he was Hulk Hogan in 2006. Trump can't do that. #wwe #Raw
@VanJones68 Dem party is a failed party! Obama(Barry Soretoro) rad muslim,illegal Pres has done nothing but try 2 destroy USA.Obama care?HMM
WWE celebrating obama?? The owners of this company are trump supports 😒 #RAW
RT @MrsMalindo: Anyone interested in who @TuckerCarlson's guest, Azita Raji is, please see https://t.co/nSaBIGljb6. Another Obama a… https://t.co/oZUbqJpI8h
Trump revokes Obama's final regulatory assault on the coal industry | Herman Cain https://t.co/zLqP8kMn52
RT @POTUSTRUMP6: Limbaugh Bravely Exposes Obama’s ‘Shadow Government’, Mainstream Media Is Furious https://t.co/hC4npebbHy https://t.co/c9nybORMCN
RT @AbbyMartinM: TREASON: AMERICA Is Demanding JUSTICE! Obama Federal Court Scandal Explodes… https://t.co/KJwcZGsPtx https://t.co/52wkISTv1E
Wait wait wait..they got all the black WWE wrestlers giving props to Obama like the McMahon family wasn't posing with trump a week ago. #RAW
RT @edgecrusher23: Evidence Shows Obama Guilty Of Treason and Sabotage With NSA Leaks And Opens White House to CAIR Terror Org. "With… https://t.co/XJOsBOfE0g
RT @kurteichenwald: I cant stand cafeteria Christians hypocrites like @RickSantorum who feign piety & then lie. U know Obama didnt "focus" when golfing? How?
RT @MauriceBear21: Obama won't be the last African American President in our lifetime mark my words, someone will pick up the mantle. #RAWLA
RT @BinsackSb: Chris Wallace @FoxNews is an Obama ass kisser sellout. I lost all respect for him after @Reince45 interview. Since prez debate Hillary lover
Why is WWE celebrating Obama? That piece of shit. The person who made that video must have food stamps because of him #Raw
@FranklinFoer - “Trump’s firstmonthtravel expensescosttaxpayers just less than what Obama spent in a year”@atrupar https://t.co/HI8jLPDzg3
RT @jbwshh: It's Obama Day, Rihanna's birthday and Buy U A Drank dropped 10 years ago... black history month still undefeated
Barack Obama? Isso é coisa do HHH, pra afrontar o sogro e seu BFF
RT @DBreban: Fun fact. @realDonaldTrump is the first supporter of gay marriage to win an election. Obama opposed it 2008 and 2012.
RT @c5hardtop1999: Trump a major blow to Obama's fundermental transformation. https://t.co/tWZ54xCXOM Obama still Community Organizing. @deneenborelli @theMRC
I wonder how much it pained Vince McMahon to approve a video praising President Obama.