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RT @Winston_Truth: OUTRAGE: Before Leaving, Obama Enacts Rules to Take $3,000 From EVERY American. Taxation w/o representation. https://t.co/uikEltxKVX
@kurteichenwald Bet Obama was interested in that.
RT @4evrmalone: Biden: You're going into digital media? Obama: No, Joe. Biden: But you'll still tell me about the good memes, righ… https://t.co/ERPoOKVO1E
Obama Moves to Block Chinese Acquisition of a German Chip Maker - New York Times https://t.co/M1AirgWubF #RT #News
RT @dcabellor: Ante la ineptitud de sus lacayos, el gobierno de Obama ataca al Pueblo venezolano. Imperio saca tus garras de esta Patria libre y soberana
Taiwan gee libs you think we give a shit what you think? Obama fucking talked to Iran oh and paid them ransom
RT @Shareblue: New post from @tommyxtopher: An important milestone. Thanks, Obama! https://t.co/GMdAQktxMR #Shareblue
@FoxNews Why is Obama taking thousands of "men"from iran who Australia rejects/ how much damage is he going to do before he gets out
RT @LoniLove: Prez Obama and crew light the tree one last time... #jinglebells https://t.co/7jAyZpzex4
RT @DailyCaller: REPORT: Obama Rushes $44 Billion Worth Of Regs Before Leaving Office https://t.co/YccltYKj7R https://t.co/4ZRfSSGFt0
@paulus0707 @SSNjl @EvanRodd I believe that.. obama is a damn pussy, trump won't take shit
RT @warriorwoman91: Obama To Send Official Delegation To Castro Funeral After All https://t.co/gMGDVBIDP8
RT @JeffNeville4: Obama doesn't care about the rule of law or the safety of the public - only appeasing criminals and destroying this… https://t.co/8d8rKnLwVP
@HouseGOP @RepDougCollins @washingtonpost Obama is wearing a brown shirt and hiding in his bunker just like Hitler did after the Allies inv
RT @Susanforney: In Obama's words, "Oh Come On, You are Going.to elect this guy?" https://t.co/Oq4QuGiPCL
RT @RevolutionSyria: The price of daring to confront an evil regime owned by evil foreign powers. #Aleppo #Syria… https://t.co/WjceLXJmqT
RT @JerryMcBeth2: Ted Cruz delivers scathing condemnation of Obama’s Castro coziness on Senate floor https://t.co/hS5WvC1xy9
RT @CNNEE: Karaoke con @BarackObama | Canta 'Jingle Bells' con el presidente de EE.UU.: https://t.co/3s42h9NOrh https://t.co/4pdqwpftvg
https://t.co/7IuShgK7Uj Employment under Obama has exploded. Didn't have to pull a shady ass deal w/his VP to get them. #VetAgainstTrump
RT @jonfavs: Obama will keep helping, because he respects the office, cares about the country, and is a thousand times the man T… https://t.co/c7YpP8Lf7w
RT @SavageBiden: Biden: I'm not giving them the wifi password Obama: Joe... Biden: I said what I said https://t.co/n34Dc1zOTP
RT @adudeinaplace2: >Trump talks to Taiwan Liberals freak out >Obama sells Taiwan $1.8b worth of weapons Liberals don't even remember