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RT @hale_razor: THINGS OBAMA FOCUSED ON 2015-2016 ✅ Running Wild w Bear Gryllis ✅ Guest on ‘Ellen’ show ✅ Jimmy Fallon ✅ Skit with… https://t.co/tvMCYB29K1
RT @correctthemedia: Unbelievable.. @TIME changed it's mind about Obama's NSA spying program just hours after Trump won the presidency.… https://t.co/2y3tZDJ91u
RT @RVAwonk: First of all, no. Obama wanted to issue a bipartisan statement warning Americans about Russian interference, but Mi… https://t.co/5UPz8aB7dZ
RT @Clinton6one4: Barack Obama was just spotted at a Subaru dealership he was trying to buy a "Legacy" 🙈
RT @brianklaas: It’s fair to critique Obama’s handling of this, but Trump’s claim here is false. If you’re going to put out a headl… https://t.co/t6qr13D9wj
RT @ACTBrigitte: The Left allowed Russia to occupy and “annex” Crimea from Ukraine. The Left gave Russia a red reset button. Hilla… https://t.co/hTQLXYT7Lw
RT @Styx666Official: The Bergdahl thing was probably the most odd and fishy part of the Obama admin other than the Snowden/NSA issue or… https://t.co/RCG20bEBSH
RT @cameron_kasky: I’ve come to the conclusion that our political system officially gave up right around when Clint Eastwood yelled at an Obama chair.
I've just posted a new blog: Clarence Page: As Democrats seek a comeback, Obama finds a new role https://t.co/lkwkQ0qcUz
RT @_ImperatorRex_: 1. OF COURSE Trump has the DNC server. And ALL of Clintons emails. As well as the entire private comms between Cli… https://t.co/2gP72T6ZXz
RT @KTNNews: Obama in Kogelo: Residents can be seen jigging to Mulembe tunes as the crowd is swirling up minute after minute… https://t.co/LX4qGVIFms
@realDonaldTrump The EU, Canada, Mexico, the press, the Dems, Obama, Clinton, ..., ..., are all enemies. Who are f… https://t.co/SLAPMjDpzQ
RT @LarryMadowo: Tanzanian papers say Barack Obama spent 8-day holiday at the country’s world-famous Serengeti National Park. The fo… https://t.co/SmAR5uWy48
RT @starcrosswolf: We have a Strzok in Iran, Peter Sr. We have a Strzok in Russia, Mark. We have a Strzok in the SEC, Melissa. We have… https://t.co/kX8FQagPPa
RT @Airvooocht: @realDonaldTrump Hillary Clinton got more votes, and she did it without Vladimir Putin. The attack was ordered by P… https://t.co/yo6OMXjn2P
@politico What a misleading title: "Paul also blamed former President Barack Obama for not doing more to halt Mosco… https://t.co/uYz4fwtxfG
RT @bbcswahili: Barack Obama alivyowasili Kenya, baada ya kuwa mapumzikoni Serengeti, Tanzania #ObamaKaribuDala https://t.co/ZzvH9Fs8xp
RT @ntvkenya: Former US president Barack Obama tours the Sauti Kuu Centre in K'Ogelo. #ObamaInKenya https://t.co/VRRD7vnWZE
Obama to lead celebrations 100 years after Mandela’s birth https://t.co/xZP4Tin1Fm
RT @realDonaldTrump: President Obama thought that Crooked Hillary was going to win the election, so when he was informed by the FBI abou… https://t.co/HPrvsFL4qT
Tra le #lettureestive consigliate quest'anno da @BarackObama c'è anche UN CHICCO DI GRANO di Ngugi wa Thiong'o. https://t.co/POrldpaxCF
Michelle Obama dances at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Paris concert (Video) https://t.co/3fKn4MPT5q
RT @realDonaldTrump: President Obama thought that Crooked Hillary was going to win the election, so when he was informed by the FBI abou… https://t.co/HPrvsFL4qT
Siaya Gafana threatens to uproot the railway 🚃 after Obama’s security tried to search him inn Kogelo @Kiss100kenyahttps://t.co/lyBtwNME6o
RT @GodGetslastWord: We Must Vote MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 RED and Stop the Deep State From Implanting More Anti Americans in Every Branch of our Our… https://t.co/1ZEDGmP8zw