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RT @ArlenWms: Why was #SexTrafficking testimony in Hillary's State Dept. covered-up by Obama Admin & swept aside by media? https://t.co/JwOlwylqFM #G8M
@mitchellvii And why not? Republican "Freedom" Caucus are weak pu--ies who meekly whimpered and cowered at every Obama whim for EIGHT YEARS!
RT @FoxNews: .@seanhannity Responds to 'Hypocrite' Ted Koppel, Who Called Him 'Bad For America' https://t.co/yrjMrBMDK3
RT @alisadianne: BOMBSHELL🎇: CIA #Whistleblower Leaks 47 Hard Drives Exposing #Obama Administration #Spying 🕵 #wiretapping👁 #POTUS https://t.co/ovkWpzKCNa
RT @RJSzczerba: @realDonaldTrump The Donald finally has bigger numbers than Obama! https://t.co/ly2rP3hSn5
RT @infowars: Former NSA Chief: Obama Illegally Surveilled Trump - Full Video: https://t.co/8dnBPzZo79 https://t.co/wDGDyP8LPa
RT @SpeakerRyan: Retweet if you agree: President Obama’s Iran deal has been an unmitigated disaster. #AIPAC2017 https://t.co/a57GWV97AV
RT @mitchellvii: Odd that Ryan was so much more effective at passing Obama's agenda than Trump's? Time for Ryan to go.
@AC360 Give me a break! Reagan & Bush went to their ranches. Obama traveled a lot. Of course Trump would do the same! Stupid comment!
RT @law_newz: Undocumented Student Charged With Raping Teen Was Caught and Released During Obama Admi https://t.co/s4M4giXXPM https://t.co/YfneoFZqoq
RT @Lrihendry: Mark Levin calls for an investigation of Barack Obama! https://t.co/VhIbr0l0GV #DrainTheDeepState #MAGA #POTUS https://t.co/ckazFRZ5NC
RT @RogueNASA: Here’s how Trump will try to eviscerate Obama’s climate policies on Tuesday https://t.co/smeSiK59QO
Obama and order in many cases, it's politicians are good community has to get audited almost eight years, let's go against
RT @TeaPainUSA: Trumpers believe Trump is so smart he met with Russians just enough to trigger an investigation so Nunes could trap Obama & put him in jail.
RT @johncardillo: Remember, @RepAdamSchiff was handpicked by Pelosi to stonewall the #Benghazi committee on behalf of Hillary. Now he… https://t.co/s2sq0iNtUF
RT @Dianewhitlow1: @williamlegate @realDonaldTrump no collusion Trump Russia a diversion only to take heat off Obama Clinton people voted for President Trump
RT @AmyAmymckee: DEAR CNN: UNDERAGE Malia Obama Causes A SCENE At NY 'White Privilege' Hotspot https://t.co/FgBZZMjZw5 via @Doug_Giles
RT @daaniielled: we met dance moms but tara estes thought it was michelle obama https://t.co/4Ofn73r0iG
RT @SpeakerRyan: Retweet if you agree: President Obama’s Iran deal has been an unmitigated disaster. #AIPAC2017 https://t.co/a57GWV97AV
RT @NIRPUmbrella: The number of food stamps recipients went up by 10.7 million people, a 32 percent jump, after President Obama took… https://t.co/83ApAMJGGa
RT @cristinalaila1: 🚨Winning‼️ Trump signs 4 new bills eliminating Obama-era regulations!🙌🏻 https://t.co/HChoDJjocz
Blackpeople. New. White. House. Blaming. ! President. Obama. He. Was. Handling. White. House. For… https://t.co/iMSKJB3WGD